Chapter 7,8,9,10 Humanities

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The Black Death describes the pandemic caused by

bubonic plague

The Magna Carta was significant in the

rise of constitutional monarchy in England

In the Hundred Years’ War, the ultimate victors were the


Ars nova is the name for the

expressive new musical style of the fourteenth century

The new realism in the arts of the fourteenth century is found in the

Paintings of Giotto, writings of chaucer, and art of manuscript illumination.

The writer who is best known for a defense of the female sex is

Christine de Pisan

Giotto’s frescoes are considered landmarks for their

use of light and shade to model form

Ficino’s contribution to classical humanism lay in the translation and interpretation of the works of


The first of the classical humanists in the Age of the Renaissance was


According to Castiglione, the Renaissance lady must

Have a knowledge of letters, music, painting, be modest, discreet, and exercise grace.

In The Prince, Machiavelli recommended that rulers avoid

hiring mercenaries

Botticelli’s landmark painting, The Birth of Venus

reflects the revival of classical themes in European art

Leonardo’s Mona Lisa is unusual in that

the sitter appears in a landscape setting

During the High Renaissance, the center of artistic productivity shifted from

Florence to Rome

The music of the Age of the Renaissance

Polyphonic, featured numerous secular songs, was popularized by being recorded in printed handbooks.

The landmark significance of the Protestant Reformation was the fact that it

shattered the religious unity of Western Christendom

Luther posed his landmark Ninety-five Theses on the cathedral door in


The master printmaker of the sixteenth century was


The city in which Calvin had his greatest initial impact was


The "father" of the literary form known as the essay was


In the writing of sonnets, Shakespeare used as his model the sonnets of


In comparing Japanese and Elizabethan theater, both

appealed to an urban audience

In the works of Erasmus, More and Cervantes, _____________ is employed to great


Among the most popular of secular song forms at the court of Elizabeth was the


Weelkes and Morely are names associated with

Elizabethan madrigals

The printing press was effective in

accelerating the spread of Protestantism, producing cheaper reading materials, and enhancing popular education.

The comparison of Holbein’s Ambassadors and the Ming Dynasty’s Elegant Literary Gathering suggests that

humanism was not confined to the West

Scholarly opinion is deeply divided over the precise meaning of

Bosch’s Garden of Earthly Delights

The chorale, a hymn associated with Protestant worship, owes much to


The writings of Erasmus and More, like the Protestant Reformation itself, reflect a deep concern with

the exercise of Christian conscience

The first era of European exploration and expansion

occurred between 1400 and 1650

The words "carrack" and "caravel" refer to

sailing ships

The thirteenth-century Venetian merchant who traveled to the court of Mongol China was named _____________.

Marco Polo

After 1453, the safety of overland caravans to the East was threatened by the

Ottoman Turks

NOT a major factor in the onset of European expansion:

China’s maritime achievements

Major Factors in the onset of European Expansion

Improved navigational devices, advances in mapmaking, faster, more practical ships.

In African tradition, the importance and well-being of the group is basic to

the kinship system

With whom did Europeans compete for control of world markets?


The style that most accurately describes Parmigianino’s Madonna of the Long Neck is called


The founding figure of the Society of Jesus was


The most spectacular feature of the Italian baroque church was its

illusionistic frescoes

Of Bernini’s Ecstasy of Saint Teresa it is true to say that it is

based on the visions of the sain, executed in marble, and located inside a church chapel

Music landmarks of the Catholic Reformation were composed by


Both Donne and Wren were associated with

the church of Saint Paul’s in London

Academic art, as envisioned by Louis XIV and his followers, depended on

neoclassical principles

A leading figure in the evolution of Academic art was


A genre of Baroque painting that attracted the talents of women in the North Netherlands was

still life painting

Milton’s Paradise Lost is a landmark epic that

describes the fall of Adam and Eve

The plays of Molière

all of the above

Both El Greco and Velasquez served in the courts of


The composer associated with the birth of the English oratorio is _____________.


Bach’s cantatas were largely based on

Lutheran chorales

In the seventeenth century, Italy was the world center for the manufacture of


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