Chapter 7( Inquizitive) The Media

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Which of the following news topics are the media most likely to report on?

A senator being investigated for bribery

If a family watches television to get their news, what kind of media source are they relying on?

broaddast media

Which statements correctly reflect the characteristics of traditional and online media?

Online media have a higher potential for misinformation than traditional media. Traditional media are often forced to account for online media reports in their own stories.

If a TV station allows a state’s Republican gubernatorial candidate to appear on a talk show, but refuses to allow the Democratic candidate a similar opportunity, the TV station is guilty of violating the

equal time provision

The media have been — aggressive in investigating the government in recent years than it used to be.


Which of the following publications can be considered examples of niche journalism?

Politico Congressional Quarterly

Which of the following statements correctly explain why adversarial journalism emerged in the 1960s and 1970s?

American officials leaked information that was critical of administration policy to reporters. National newspapers discovered an audience for coverage critical of administration policy. White House officials pressured publishers to block reports critical of the war.

Which of the following statements about Americans’ use of social media as a news source are true?

Americans use the Internet to gain information from a variety of sources.

Why do press releases commonly appear in newspapers?

Press releases can be nearly indistinguishable from a real story. Reporters are able to update content while doing little work. The newspaper can fill its pages at little cost.

Which statements accurately characterize the effects that the media have on public opinion?

The media can completely shape the public’s perception of a new issue. The media can often intensify underlying public opinion.

The Federal Communications Commission was developed to serve which of the following functions?

regulate broadcast content promote competition in the broadcast industry allocate radio and TV frequencies

Match the characteristics of the press to the period in political history.
politicians utilizing nonpartisan press
newspapers subordinate to political parties
adversarial journalism

1970s- adversarial journalism 1840s- newspapers subordinate to political parties 1930s- politicians utilizing nonpartisan press

How has the media landscape changed as the FCC’s regulatory powers changed in the past several decades?

Restrictions on media ownership have been relaxed.

Drag the following labels of media sources or examples into the "media map" below.
print media
broadcast media

print media: newspapers – wall street journal and USA Today Magazines- time broadcast media: television- cable news network ( CNN) radio- national public radio and Sean Hannity internet: newspapers online content- Washington Post and new york times blogs or other sources

Identify whether the journalistic characteristic applies to "new media" or "old media."
reliable coverage of news
in-depth coverage of news
greater diversity in news

old media- reliable coverage of news new media- greater diversity in news, in-depth coverage of news

Which of the following are advantages to online news?

depth diversity currency convenience

Match the source of media power to its influence on public opinion.
setting the agenda

what opinions Americans hold on issues priming framing what issues Americans think about: setting the agenda

How has the Supreme Court responded to newspapers’ attempts to publish leaked information?

It has supported publication of leaked information

How have some newspapers responded to declining circulation numbers?

closing foreign bureaus and offices in Washington, D.C. charging customers for reading news online

Which of the following media forms is the Federal Communications Commission able to regulate content on?

FM radio AM radio television stations

According to research by the Pew Research Center on Internet access, which groups tend to have the greatest access to broadband Internet at home?

college graduates whites

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