Chapter 7-8

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The main immigration processing station in San Francisco was called ?

The Angel Island

The main goal of the Chinese Exclusion Act was to ?

Decrease Chinese Immigration

The main goal of the Americanization movement was to ?

assimilate people of various cultures into a dominant culture.

The row house was a new type of housing that conserved space by ?

sharing side walls with other buildings

Settlement houses were founded in the late 1800s by?

social reformers

The illegal use of political influence for personal gain is called?


Tammany Hall was the name of?

a New York City political machine

An example of patronage would be?

appointing a friend to a poltical position

The Stalwarts were strong supporters of?

the spoils system

The Pendleton Civil Service Act required?

appplicants for government jobs to pass examinations

Which two countries sent about the same number of immigrants to the United States in 1890?

Which of the folllowing might be associated with the sharp decline in Chinese immigration in 1883-1884

..Chinese Exclusion Act

Which of the folllowing is true of the Gentlemen’s Agreement?

it decresed japanese immigration

What was the orginal purpose of the row house ?

to provide single-family homes for working class familes

Which of the following was the main interest of the Social Gospel movement

social reform

Which of the following had some of the same goals as the Amercanization movement?

settlement houses

Which of the following does not describe a typical supporter of a poltical machine?

opposed to immigration

What is the main purpose of patronage?

to reward one’s supporters

Which of the following is an example of graft?

saying a project cost more than it did and keeping the difference for yourself.

Who used the power of the presidency to clean up the New York Customs House but was unable to get support from Congress for civil service reform?

Rutherford B. Hayes

Which of the following issues prompted the assassination of President Garfield?

civil service reform

Which president changed his ideas on civil service reform when he gained the presidency?

Chester A. Arthur

Southern states sometimes used a grandfather clause to alllow them to?

entitled to vote

Daniel Burnham’s plan for the city of Chicago emphasized?

Skyscrapers were made possible by the invention of?

elevators and internal steel Skeletons

All of the following became popular around the turn of the 20th century except?

– amusement parks -bicycycling -tennis -baseball

Jim Crow laws were laws that?

to seperate white and black people in public and private facilities

In the case of Plessy v. Ferguson, the Supreme Court ruled that

-that the seperation of races in public accommodations was legal and did not violate the 14th Amendment.

Which development lowered the price of newspapers to a penny a copy?

printing press that printed on both sides of the paper

Who expressed the belief that racism would end as blacks acquired practical work skills and proved their economic value to society?

Booker T. Washignton

The popularity of bicycling andd amusement parks reflected which trend of the 1900s?

an interest in leisure activities.

How did George Eastman contribute to an explosion in the popularity of photogaphy?

Poltical Machine

-organized group that controls city poltical party -give services to voters, businesses for poltical fiancial support -Machine organization: precinct captains, wards bosses,city bosses


– government jobs to those who help canidate get elected -Civil Service (government administration)are all patronage jobs -Some appointees not qualified; some use position for personal gain -Reformers press for merit system of hiring for civil service

James A. Garfield

-independent presidential canidate , Ohio Congressman -gives patronage jobs to reformers;is shot and killed

Pendleton Act

-make appointments to government jobs based on based by the means of the merit system.

Amercanization Movement

-education program designed to help immigrants assimilate to American Culture -Schools and voluntary associations provided programs to teach immigrants skills needed for citzenship ex-English literacy and American history and government – But did’nt work because immigrants did not wish to abondon their tradition/culture

Social Gospel Movement

-preaches salvation through service to poor -many 19th century reformers responded to the call to help the urban poor.

Ellis Island

an island in New York Bay that was formerly the principal immigration station for the United States


-finds foothold in labor movement, especially in West -overt favoritism toward native- born Americans – gave rise to anti-immigrant groups and led to a demand for immigration restrictions

Gentlemen’s Agreement

Nativist fears extend to Japanes, most Asians in early 1900s -San Francisco segregates Japanese school children -Gentlemen’s Agreement -Japan limits emigration in return repeals segregation.

Louis Sullivan

-designed the ten-strory Wainwright Building in St. Louis

Daniel Burnham

-designed a slender 285-foot tower in 1902

George Eastman

– develops light weight equipment , Studio processing -1888, indroduces kodak camera, easy to operate


-racial segration laws seperate races in private, public places – became know as Jim Crow laws


-the illegal use of poltical infleunce for personal gain -ex- by helping a person find work on a construction project for the city

Civil Service

– the nomilitary branches of government administration – jobs should go to the most qualified persons, reformers believed

Chester A. Arthur

-vice president – urges congress to pass civil service law

Benjamin Harris

-former Indiana Senator -campaign was fianced by large contributions from compaines that wanted tarifs even higher then they were


-a multifamily urban dwellling , usually over crowded and unsanitary

Settlement house

-community centers in slums, who help immigrants -run by colllege -educated women -provided educational, culture ,social services -send visiting nurses to the sick -help with personal job,fiancial problems

Angel Island

Immigration processing station in the San Francisco Bay for Asian immigrants.

Chinese Exclusion Act

-bans entry to most Chinese except stundents, teachers,merchants,tourists, and government officials

Tuskegee Normal and Industrial Institute

-founded in 1881 -led by Booker T. Washington, to equip African Americans with teaching diplomasand useful skills in the trades and agriculture

Jim Crow laws

– after a popular old minstrel song. – segregation

Orville and Wilbur Wright

– invented aiplanes

W.E.B. Du Bois

-first African American to get Harvard doctorate -disagreed with Washington’s gradual approach

Booker T. Washington

-belives racism will end if blacks get labor skills -heads Tuskee Normal and Industrial Institute- university

Boss Tweed

– head of the Tammy Hall(New York City’s powerful Democratic poltical machine -led the Tweed Ring (a group of corrupt polticians -Indicated of Fraud and Extortion

Rutherford B. Hayes

-Republican President -could not convince Congress to support reform -named independents to his cabinet -set up a commision to investigate the nation’s custom house

Grover Cleveland

-as president tried to lower tarrif rates but the congress refused to support him


– the growth of cities -northwest and midwest

Mass Transit

-transportation system designed to move large numbers of people along fixed routes , enabled workers to go to and from jobs more easily

Jane Addams

-one of the most influntial member of the social gospel movement- founded Chicago’s Hull House.

Melting Pot

– a mixture of people of different cultures and races who blended together by abondoning thier native culture

Niagara Movement

– founded by W.E.B. Du Bois in 1905 to promote the education of african americans in the liberal arts

Poll Tax

– an annual tax that formerly has to be paid in some southern states by anyone wishing to vote.

Grand Father Clause

-provision that exempts certain people from a law on the basis of previously existing circumstances – especially a clause formerly in some Southern States constituation that exempted whites from the strict voting requirements used to keep African Americans from the polls

Ida B. Wells

-born into slavery shortly before emancipation -moved to memphis in the early 1800s to work as a teacher(later became and editor of a local paper)

Plessy v.Ferguson

-1896 Plessy v. Ferguson- segregation legal in public places -Allows seperate but equal doctrine if provide equal service.

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