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Server virtualization in Windows Server 2012 is based on a module called the _________.


In Windows Server 2012, the hypervisor ________ the host operating system.

loads first, then loads

When the Hyper-V role is added to a Windows Server 2012 server, the hypervisor creates the individual environments, each of which has its own operating system installed and accesses the computer’s hardware via the hypervisor. What are those individual environments called?


Using the Standard edition of Windows Server 2012, I need to create 5 virtual machines. On how many can I install Windows Server 2012?


What is the least expensive way an administrator can experiment with Hyper-V and virtualization?

Download Hyper-V Server for free from the Microsoft website

What roles does Microsoft recommend can share the same server as the Hyper-V role?

No other role

What is the primary graphical tool for creating and managing virtual machines?

Hyper-V Manager

Regarding virtual machines, what is Smart Paging used for?

When a VM has to restart and not enough memory is available to allocate its startup RAM value.

Assuming your virtual machines has dynamic memory enabled, when does Smart Paging actually trigger?

Smart Paging will only trigger if a VM has shrunken below its Startup RAM toward its Minimum RAM setting.

What is Resource Metering?

Resource metering documents virtual machine usage regarding a variety of criteria

Using Resource Metering, you are documenting the network traffic and memory usage of all virtual machines on a physical server. What is Resource Metering’s statistics associated with?

Statistics are specific to each VM, even if you transfer between host systems

In some cases, certain Hyper-V guest operating system features do not function properly using the OS’s own device drivers. What Hyper-V software package can help remedy compatibility issues?

guest integration services

Heartbeat, time synchronization, and data exchange between parent and child partitions are all examples of functions provided by ________ .

guest integration services

What types of operating systems are allowable as virtual machine?

Several Microsoft and non-Microsoft OSs such as CentOS 6.0-6.2, Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.0-6.2, SuSE Linux Enterprise Server 11 SP2

After installing the Hyper-V role, what is the startup procedure for Windows Server 2012?

The newly installed hypervisor starts first, then loads the operating system as the primary or parent partition

When the Hyper-V role is added to a Windows Server 2012 server, the hypervisor is loaded after the Windows Server 2012 parent partition.


The VM’s DVD drive can be physical or virtual, giving the ability to mount an image file to a virtual DVD is an advantage of loading media on a virtual machine versus on a physical machine?


Type I virtual architectures require a standard host operating system run first and type II architecture loads its virtual machine monitor first, then the primary operating system second is the difference between a Type I virtualization architecture and a Type II virtual architecture.


Using a Standard edition of Windows Server 2012, you can have 2 VMs running Windows Server 2012. With Datacenter edition, you can have unlimited Windows Server 2012 VMs.


Regarding virtualization, the virtual machine monitor is another common name for the hypervisor or abstraction layer above the computer’s physical hardware.


Which of the following is the correct scalability limit of Hyper-V in Window Server 2012? Multiple choices may be correct. Choose the BEST choice according to Microsoft.

One server can host as many as 1,024 active virtual machines, with each virtual machine up to 64 virtual CPUs and 1 TB of memory

Windows Server 2012 includes Hyper-V in which edition(s)? Multiple choices may be correct. Choose the BEST choice according to Microsoft.

In the Standard and Datacenter editions

Hyper-V in Windows Server 2012 is a Type I virtualization architecture. What is the fundamental difference between Hyper-V and older, Type II virtualization architectures? Multiple choices may be correct. Choose the BEST choice according to Microsoft.

Its hypervisor is an abstraction layer and interacts directly with computer hardware, rather than as a host OS application.

What is the primary purpose of the software package offered by Hyper-V called Guest Integration Services? Multiple choices may be correct. Choose the BEST choice according to Microsoft.

Guest Integration Services resolves compatibility issues of certain guest operating systems experiencing non-functioning features.

Order the steps to install the Hyper-V role.

Log on to Windows Server 2012 with administrative privileges From Server Manager’s Manage menu, choose Add Roles and Features. Select Installation type page appears. Choose Role-based or feature-based installation. Add the Hyper-V role to a selected server. Add any applicable dependencies. Select network adapter on Create Virtual Switches page. Specify virtual hard disk and virtual machine configuration file locations.

You are using differencing disks for multiple virtual machines (VMs) to preserve the parent image from changes. Now you want to combine the two images together. What PowerShell cmdlet allows you to do this?


When creating a snapshot file using Hyper-V Manager, what is the file format and where is it stored?

The file has an AVHD or AVHDX extension, stored in the same folder as the virtual hard disk file.

What tool can you use to modify a virtual hard disk?

Use Edit Virtual Hard Disk Wizard in Hyper-V Manager in Server Manager.

Regarding the benefits of a SAN, what happens during a serverless backup?

The server initiates the backup, but the server is not involved during the backup.

As of Windows Server 2012, what virtual image file provides for the largest size?

VHDX files, up to 64 TB

If your company uses Hyper-V on Windows Server 2012 and the older Virtual Server, what virtual image file format can you use on both hypervisor products?


When choosing between disk types in the New Virtual Hard Disk Wizard, what type permits an image size up to 2 TB?


What does a differencing disk offer administrators?

An opportunity to experiment with no changes committed to the parent image

Do VMs ever directly access a physical hard disk?

Yes, VMs access a physical hard disk by way of a "pass-through disk," a special virtual disk that directly accesses the physical disk if it is made exclusively available to the VM.

Virtual SANs allow you to _______.

make distant storage accessible to VMs

What Server Manager tool allows you to create a new virtual hard disk?

Hyper-V Manager

When creating a new virtual hard disk, what feature does Windows PowerShell offer that the graphical interface does not?

You can specify the block size and the logical sector size.

Can you modify an existing virtual hard disk (VHD) file?

Yes, you can even modify it without mounting it to a VM.

How do you give a VM exclusive access to a physical hard disk?

Taking the disk offline in the parent OS, and then selecting the physical disk in the VM.

The following PowerShell cmdlets are all valid for executing functions related to VHDs. Which cmdlet is used for compacting dynamic or differencing disks?


A pass-through disk is A type of virtual disk that points to a physical disk drive, rather than the typical area of space on a physical drive.


In Hyper-V, a snap-image is a captured image of the state, data, and hardware configuration of a VM at a particular moment in time.


Select a running VM in Hyper-V Manager, and then select Snapshot from the Actions pane is how you create a snapshot of a running VM.


Server to server, server to storage, and storage to storage are some communication or transfer paths available when operating a SAN.


Hyper-V in Windows Server 2012 allows the creation of virtual Fibre Channel adapters, which act as a pass-through device between VMs and NASs.


Why is a differencing disk beneficial? Multiple choices may be correct. Choose the BEST choice according to Microsoft.

To maintain the parent image with no changes written to it.

You intend to create a new virtual hard disk, specifying a 700 GB VHDX image file with a logical sector size of 4 KB. How do you proceed? Choose the BEST choice according to Microsoft.

With PowerShell, use the New-VHD cmdlet with appropriate parameters.

You need to build a virtual environment with several groups of identical OS installs. How do you accomplish this using minimal disk space? Choose the BEST choice according to Microsoft.

You clone VMs using differencing disks, pointing multiple VMs to the same parent image.

How does a SAN work with VMs in Windows Server 2012? Choose the BEST choice according to Microsoft.

Hyper-V virtualizes the SAN and makes the WWNNs and WWPNs available to the VM.

Order the steps to add a virtual disk to a VM.

From Server Manager’s Tools menu, select Hyper-V Manager, and then select a Hyper-V server. From the Action menu, select Settings. Select the IDE controller (for example, IDE Controller 0). In the IDE Controller box, select Hard Drive, and click Add. In the Controller and Location drop-down lists, specify the IDE controller and the channel you want for the virtual hard disk. With the Virtual hard disk option selected, click Browse and select the disk image file you want to add.

In Hyper-V terminology, what do you call a virtual switch configured to provide connections external to the Hyper-V environment?

External network switch

How many MAC addresses are available for virtual network adapters, created by Hyper-V?


Which of the two types of virtual network adapters, synthetic or emulated, is called the legacy adapter and why?

Emulated is called the legacy adapter because it is a standard network adapter driver and communicates more slowly.

What is the difference between a private virtual switch and an internal virtual switch?

Private switch allows communication between child partition VMs only, whereas an internal includes the parent partition.

What is the difference between an external virtual switch and an internal virtual switch?

An internal switch doesn’t allow child partition VMs to access the external network, but they can on an external switch.

Creating a new virtual switch automatically connects the host operating system with the child partition VMs by default. What setting can be changed during virtual switch creation to disconnect the host OS?

Allow management operating system to share this network adapter

How many virtual network adapters can be created on a Hyper-V server?

Up to 12 network adapters—8 synthetic and 4 emulated

How does an administrator set up a new virtual network adapter to communicate on a network VLAN?

Select Enable virtual LAN identification and enter a VLAN identifier to associate the network adapter to the VLAN.

Virtual network adapters in Windows Server 2012 can support some hardware acceleration features. Select which one of the features NOT supported.

MAC address caching

Every network adapter has a hardware address. What is the common name for it and how long is it?

Media Access Control (MAC) address, 6 bytes

How do virtual network adapters running on a child partition communicate with the parent partition?

Synthetic adapters communicate by using the VMBus; emulated adapters communicate by making calls to the hypervisor.

When creating a virtual switch by Hyper-V, how many virtualized ports are available?


After creating a VM, how many virtual adapters are included by default?


A _______, like its physical counterpart, is a device that functions at layer 2 of the Open Systems Interconnect (OSI) reference model.

virtual switch

Select the PowerShell cmdlet with basic syntax if you want to create a private network switch called HalifaxLAN and connect it to your VM’s adapter named NSNet1.

New-VMSwitch "HalifaxLAN" -NetAdapterName "NSNet1" -SwitchType Private

Synthetic is the more popular virtual network adapter.


In creating a private network of child partition VMs, services such as DHCP, Windows Deployment Services, OS updates, or other services normally accessible when connecting to the external network might be needed for the isolated network.


Install two network adapters per VM, with one to a private switch and the other to the external switch is a solution to providing external services to VMs on an isolated, private network.


An administrator can set the minimum and maximum to create a smaller pool of MAC addresses iif the pool of virtual MAC addresses is depleted.


New-VMSwitch is the PowerShell cmdlet for creating a new virtual switch


How many network interfaces does Microsoft recommend be installed in a Hyper-V server? Multiple choices may be correct. Choose the BEST choice according to Microsoft.

Two physical adapters; one adapter servicing the parent partition and the other to the child partitions

What is the key benefit for creating a virtual switch? Multiple choices may be correct. Choose the BEST choice according to Microsoft.

Virtual switches have unlimited ports, so there’s no need to connect physical switches by uplinks or crossover circuits.

After creating a private virtual switch, what servers can communicate to each other? Multiple choices may be correct. Choose the BEST choice according to Microsoft.

Only VMs on the child partitions can communicate with each other only.

For virtual network adapters, Hyper-V assigns a value up to 256 to create individual MAC addresses. What happens if this is not sufficient?

If more than 256 adapters are needed, an administrator can modify the MAC address pool to be larger.

Order the steps to create a virtual switch.

In the Server Manager Tools menu, select Hyper-V Manager, and then select a Hyper-V server. From the Actions pane, select Virtual Switch Manager. Click Create Virtual Switch after selecting a switch type option (External, Internal, and Private). If applicable, configure the virtualization or management options.

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