Chapter 6 – Troubleshooting Windows Startup

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1. What test does startup UEFI/BIOS perform when you first turn on a computer to verify it can communicate with essential hardware devices?

POST (Power on Self Test)

2. Where is the MBR partition table on a hard drive?

In the first sector on the drive called Master Boot Record

3. Is the bootmgr file stored in the boot partition or the system partition?

System partition

4. What is the name of the Boot Manager program in a UEFI system? On which partition is the program stored?

Bootmgfw.efi and it is stored on EFI System Partition

5. What is the name of the Windows boot loader program for a BIOS system? For a UEFI system?

winload.exe, winload.efi

6. What is the name of the Windows kernel program?


7. What is the name of the program that manages Windows logon?


8. Which registry hive is loaded first during Windows startup?

System hive

9. Where does windows store device driver files?


10. Stop errors happen when which type of processes encounter an error?

Process running in Kernal Mode

11. What is the command to use the System File Checker to immediately verify system files?

sfc /scannow

12. In Windows 7, which key do you press to launch the Advanced Boot Option window during Windows startup?


13. A stop error halts the system while it is booting, and starts over in an endless loop of restarts. How can you solve this problem using the Windows 8 Startup Settings screen.

Boot the system in safe mode. Then go to "My Computer Properties" and select the "Advanced" tab and change the "Startup and Recovery" settings.

14. When is the Windows startup process completed?

Desktop Appears & the waiting circle disappears.

15. What command in Windows RE can you use to rebuild the BCD file?

Bootrec /rebuildBCD

16. What command in Windows RE gives you opportunity to manage partitions and volumes installed on the system?


17. Which log in Event viewer

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