Chapter 6 – Daoism and Confucianism

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The notion of wu wei is

no unnecessary action.

The Daodejing is written in approximately how many Chinese characters?


The Daodejing is known for its

deliberate obscurity.

Dao is the origin of

the rhythms of nature.

"Divination" refers to

telling the future.

An image used by the Daodejing to express the difficulty of seeing in the Daoistic way is


A story in the Zhuangzi (Chuang Tzu) makes fun of the silliness of human beings. It compares them to


After his wife died, Zhuangzi (Chuang Tzu)


Laozi (Lao Tzu) is said to have been a


A hierarchical, hereditary form of Daoism is called

Heavenly Master Daoism.

"Black Heads" is the name for

Daoist priests.

Literally, Daodejing means


Concerning the origins of Daoism, scholars today point to

a multiplicity of possible sources that coalesced into a movement.

The two dots of contrasting color inside the light and dark commas of the yin/yang symbol represent

the seed of its opposite.

Daoism likely established monasteries and temples

through the influence of Buddhism.

Daoism developed a pantheon of hundreds of deities, the most important being

the Three Purities.

The Three Purities consist of

the Dao, the god who transmits Daoist insight, and Laozi.

Daoism might have similarities with Hinduism because
A. both seem to cover a wide variety of beliefs and practices
B.both had dynamic historical founders.
C.both believe in karma and reincarnation.


Confucianism has been especially concerned about relationships

between human beings.

Confucius lived during what years?

551-479 b.c.e.

Confucius worked almost all his life as

a teacher.

The Analects are

the sayings of Confucius.

From a Daoist perspective, the proper job a person should have would be determined by

what the individual is most capable of doing

The Doctrine of the Mean

is a short book on moderation and harmony.

The Mencius

presents the teachings of a Confucian thinker.

Confucius’s ideal society would live according to the ideals of the

Five Relationships.

Confucius hoped to

restore the social harmony of the past.

The Yijing (Yi Jing, I Ching)

is a book, valued by Confucius, that is used for divination.

In their view of human nature, the Confucianists

see human beings as needing their characters shaped by education.

The personal ideal or hero of Confucianism is the

noble person.

The social period in which Confucius lived was


Mencius (Mengzi, Meng Tzu) was a

Confucian with a positive view of human nature.

In regard to Confucianism, the Communists after the Communist Revolution

rejected it as not being egalitarian.

The man who dreamed he was a butterfly was

Zhuangzi (Chuang Tzu).

The most fundamental relationship for Confucius seems to have been that between

father and son.

The virtue of filial piety means

devotion to one’s family.

The ideal of benevolence or "humanheartedness" in Chinese is a written character made up of which pictographs?

a person and the number two

The most significant Confucian art form has been


The authoritative pre-Confucian books are the

Five Classics.

During the Han dynasty (206 B.C.E.-220 C.E.),

Confucianism became the official philosophy of China, guiding its state policy.

Which great scholar developed a complete philosophy of reality, now called Neo-Confucianism?

Zhu Xi (Chu Hsi)

China has had how many female rulers (emperors)?


Confucianism was criticized by Chinese who had studied in the West and were influenced by the teachings of

John Dewey and Bertrand Russell.

Confucianism remains a strong value system in


Applying the notion of yin and yang, we could say that Daoism shows a special love for

allowing things to develop naturally.

The Qing (Ching) dynasty, the last imperial dynasty, collapsed in China in


Complex Confucian etiquette shows respect to others, makes social interactions predictable, and

reflects the social position of its participants.

The most important image to be found in the Daodejing, the image that best expresses its ideals, is


At the end of his life, Laozi (Lao Tzu) is said to have

left China riding on an ox.

Daoists aim at enjoying a long life but also accept death because

death is a part of the natural order of things.

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