Chapter 6 – GOVT 2

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________ is the political principle that assigns different functions to different levels of government.


The most common form of local government in the United States is the

special district

The least common form of local government in the United States is the


Bexar County, Texas, is an example of which category of local government?


For incorporation to proceed in Texas, first a minimum population of ________ citizens must be living within a two-square-mile area.


San Antonio wants to expand and add new territory to the city and broaden its tax base by doing what with regard to an upscale subdivision that borders the city?

annexing it

If you selected any city in Texas at random, what governmental form would you most likely find?


In which type of city government does the city council select a person to be a chief administrator?


Which of the following is one of the roles of the mayor in a council-manager form of government?

presiding officer of the council

Under the council-manager form of government, how is the city manager selected?

city council appointment

Which of the following is a weakness of the council-manager form of city government?

ability of the city manager to manipulate information and control council decisions

The weak mayor’s formal powers most resemble those of which other government official in Texas?

the governor

In a strong-mayor city, the mayor

appoints major department heads.

In which type of city government does the mayor control the budget?

strong mayor

If you selected any city in Texas at random, what governmental form would you LEAST likely find?


In which type of city government do voters elect people directly to oversee city departments?


Tulsa, Oklahoma, which is one of the last large cities to use the commission form of city government, gave what powers to the mayor in an attempt to correct some of the form’s shortcomings?

budget authority

The commission form of city government served as a transition from the

weak mayor form to the council-manager form.

All of the following are at-large election systems EXCEPT

at-large multiple places.

What change was noted when cities in Texas were forced to change to single-member districts for at least some city council seats?

substantial increase in minority city council members

What voting system is preferred by voting rights activists as a means of increasing minority representation?

cumulative voting

San Antonio ran slates of candidates using a "nonpartisan organization" known as the

Good Government League.

Voter turnout in City of Austin municipal elections is usually about

10 percent.

What is the oldest type of local government, adapted from a British unit of government, that is used in the United States?


What is the largest county in Texas in terms of population?


What is the composition of the county commissioner’s court?

a county judge and four county commissioners

In smaller counties, state law allows the sheriff to act as

the tax assessor/collector.

Who is responsible for maintaining property records and issuing marriage licenses?

county clerk

Who is responsible for collecting revenue for the state and county?

county tax assessor

Who is responsible for overseeing the collecting and disbursing county funds?

county auditor

Who is responsible for receiving, maintaining, and disbursing county funds?

county treasurer

County government was designed to meet the needs of and provide services to a(n) ________ population.


What authority do state and city governments have that in counties is quite limited?

ordinance creation

The primary source of revenue for counties is

property tax.

One suggestion for reform of county government that has been frequently made over the past 70 years involves

home rule.

The authority to establish and maintain a free public school system is contained in which article of the Texas Constitution?

Article 7

In Texas, education is primarily the responsibility of

school districts

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