Chapter 40

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How does connective tissue differ from the other three major tissue types?

Connective tissue often consists of relatively few cells embedded in an extracellular matrix.

Which of these describes loose connective tissue?

It is a loose weave of fibers that functions as a packing material.

Cartilage is found _____.

at the ends of bones such as the femur

_____ is the connective tissue specialized for transport.


What type of epithelium would you expect to find covering a surface subject to physical forces?

stratified epithelium

What type of epithelial tissue, found in the intestines, absorbs nutrients?

simple columnar epithelium

Which of these tissues, found in the lungs, permits gas exchange by diffusion?

simple squamous epithelium

What type of epithelial tissue lines kidney tubules?

simple cuboidal cells

What type of muscle is responsible for contractions of the digestive tract and arteries?

smooth muscle

Cardiac muscle is the only muscle composed of _____ fibers.


_____ muscle is attached to bones.


A neuron consists of _____.

A neuron consists of _____.

Nervous tissue functions _____.

to sense stimuli

Which of the following is a correct statement about an organism and its environment?

Animals isolated from their environments live longer than those exchanging matter with the environment.
An animal is a closed system that is separate and distinct from its environment.
The interstitial fluid is the exchange medium between body cells and the circulatory system in vertebrate animals.
The gastrovascular cavity provides the nutrient exchange surface in mammals.
None of the choices is correct.

The interstitial fluid is the exchange medium between body cells and the circulatory system in vertebrate animals.

The four major categories of tissues are _____.

nervous, epithelial, connective, and muscle

Penguins, seals, and tuna have body forms that permit rapid swimming, because

the shape is a convergent evolutionary solution to the need to reduce drag while swimming

As body size increases in animals,

there is a decrease in the surface-to-volume ratio.

Most of the exchange surfaces of multicellular animals are lined with

epithelial tissue.

An example of a connective tissue is the


Stratified cuboidal epithelium is composed of

several layers of boxlike cells.

Connective tissues typically have

relatively few cells and a large amount of extracellular matrix.

The nourishment, insulation, and support for neurons is the result of activity by the

glial cells.

Fibroblasts secrete

proteins for connective fibers.

Blood is best classified as connective tissue because

its cells are separated from each other by an extracellular matrix.

Muscles are joined to bones by


With its abundance of collagenous fibers, cartilage is an example of

connective tissue.

In a typical nerve cell, the nucleus is found in the

cell body.

All types of muscle tissue have

interactions between actin and myosin.

All skeletal muscle fibers are both

striated and under voluntary control.

Food moves along the digestive tract as the result of contractions by

smooth muscle.

The type of muscle tissue surrounding internal organs, other than the heart, is

smooth muscle.

The body tissue that consists largely of material located outside of cells is

connective tissue.

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