chapter 3 Cells

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A gene can best be defined as

A segment of DNA that carries the instructions for one polypeptide

A patient has a respiratory disease that has literally paralyzed cilia. Which of the following diseases or disorders would be most likely the risk factor for this

Respiratory infections

The red cell placed in distilled water would

Swell and burst

Are Brownian Motion, diffusion and osmosis only seen in living cells

No, they are passive processes and can occur in the absence of cells

Because the lipid Byler is very Impermeable to water, the membrane has transmembrane proteins called…blank…to allow water to enter or exit the cell


Caveolae are closely associated with all of the following except

Enzymes involved in cell metabolism

Crenation (shrinking)is likely to occur in blood cells immersed in

Hypertonic solution

End cap Regions of the chromosomes contain nonsense code called—blank—thought to be important to protect the ends of the chromosomes from damage. Since they decrease in length with each cell division, they are thought to be critical timer for aging


Identify important functions of the golgi apparatus

To modify, sort and package proteins

If a tRNA had a AGC anticodon, it could attach to a —blank—mRNA condon


If cells are placed in a hypertonic solution containing a solute to which the membrane is impermeable what could happen? The cells will

Lose water and shrink

If mitosis is the division of the nucleus, then— blank —is the division of the remaining cytoplasmic mass into two cells


If the nucleotide, or base, sequence of a DNA strand used as a template for messenger RNA transcription is ACGTT, then what would be the sequence of bases in the corresponding mRNA


In skeletal and cardiac muscle cells, calcium ions are stored in

Sacroplasmic reticulum

In which stage of mitosis do the identical sets of chromosomes uncoil and resume their chromatin form



Contain some of the DNA and RNA necessary for their own function


Is the division of the nucleus in a somatic cell

Once solid material is phagocytized and taken into a vacuole, which of the following statements best describes what happens

A lysosome combines with the vacuole and digests the enclosed solid material

Passive membrane transport processes include

The movement of a substance down its concentration gradient


Contain enzymes capable of detoxifying substances

Proteins called ubiquitins are responsible for

Tagging proteins for destruction

Proteins called —blank—act as spools around which DNA is rep to protect it


Ribosomes, endoplasmic reticulum, and the golgi apparatus functionally act in sequence to synthesize and modify proteins for secretory use only, never for use by the cell. This statement is

False; integral cell membrane protiens are synthesized this way

Riboswitches are folded RNAs that act as switches to turn proteins on or off in response to

Changes in the environment

Some hormones enter cells via

Receptor mediated Endocytosis

Electron microscope has revealed a pinwheel array of nine triplets of microtubules arranged to form a hollow tube within cells. The structure is called


The functions of centrioles include

Organizing them mitiotic spindle during cell division

The main component of the cytosol is


The RNA responsible for bringing that amino acids to the ribosome for protein synthesis is called the


The sacroplasmic reticulum is an elaborate and specialized —blank—found in muscle cells

Smooth endoplasmic reticulum

The —blank—is the sticky, carbohydrate rich area on the cell surface. It helps bind cells together and provides a highly specific biological marker by which cells can recognize each other


Tissue necrosis factor alpha is a cytokine that activates cysteine-dependent aspartrate-directed proteases, which are also known as executioner proteins for their role in apoptosis. This family of enzymes is known by the acronym


What move cell organelles from one location to another inside a cell

Motor proteins

Where in the cell may you find DNA that is not in the nucleus


Which of the following does not serve as a signal for cell division

Repressor jeans

Which of the following helps prevent molecules from passing through the extracellular space between adjacent cells

Tight junctions

Which of the following is a function of the plasma membrane protein

Molecular transport through the membrane

Which of the following is a principal of the fluid Mosaic model of cell membrane structure

Phospholipids from a Byler that is largely impermeable to water-soluble molecules

Which of the following is false regarding the membrane potential

The resting membrane potential is maintained solely by passive transport process

Which of the following is not a factor that binds cells together

Glycolipids in the glycocalax

Which of the following is not a function of lysosomes

Forming acid hydrolysis that are necessary to help form cell membranes

Which of the following is not a function of the smooth endoplasmic reticulum

Protein synthesis in conjunction with ribosomes

Which of the following is not a roll of cell adhesion molecules

Initiators of cell to cell signaling for muscle contraction

Which of the following organelles plays a role in steroid based hormone and protein synthesis

Endoplasmic reticulum

Which of the following statements is correct regarding the fusion

The greater the concentration gradient, the faster the rate

Which of the following statements is correct regarding RNA

mRNA, tRNA, and rRNA i’ll play a role in protein synthesis

Which of the following statements is most correct regarding the intracellular chemical signals known as second messengers

Cyclic AMP And calcium maybe second messengers

Which of the following would not be a constituent of a plasma membrane

Messenger RNA

Which of these describes the plasma membrane

A complex phospholipid Byler containing cholesterol and proteins that surrounds the cell

Which of these is an inclusion and not an organelle


Which of these is not a function of plasma membrane

To prevent potassium ions from leaking out and sodium ions from entering the cell

Which of these organelles is composed of hollow cytoskeletal elements


Which structures are fingerlike projections that greatly increase the surface area of the cell for absorption


Which transport process is the main mechanism for the movement of most macromolecules by body cells

Receptor mediated endocytosis

Which type of so Junction asked anchor cells and distribute tension to reduce the chance of tearing when a group of cells are subjected to shear forces, mechanical stress


Which vesicle transport process occurs primarily and some white blood cells, including macrophages


—-Blank—are amino acid coding sequences of DNA, while —-blank —are non-coding segments that provide a reservoir of ready to use DNA segments for evolutionary changes


—-blank—-are assemblies of saturated phospholipids and contain a higher amount of sphingolioidds and cholesterol and other regions of the plasma membrane. This is important for the role and cell signaling

Lipid rafts

—blank—is the pressure of water exerted on a cell


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