chapter 24

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What about the Golden age of capitalism between 1946 and 1960 was most beneficial for Americans

Most monetary gains reached ordinary citizens through rising wages

The shopping mall was an inevitable result of what institution

The suburb

What made the army McCarthy hearings unusual for American television programming of the 1950s

It was deeply political and controversial

Why where American suburbs of the 1950s so heavily segregated

Residents brokers and realtors dealt in contracts and mortgages the barred the sale to nonwhite residence

How did American companies contribute to the influx of puerto rican Migrants by the hundreds of thousands beginning in the 1950s

Increasing control of land by US sugar companies on the island push small tobacco and coffee farmers off the island and into a search for jobs on the mainland

What gave conservatives of the 1950s or political unity

The common enemies of the Soviet Union and the federal government

How did President Dwight D Eisenhower surprise the new deal in government involvement in the economy

He presided over the construction of 41,000 miles of interstate highways

Why did Eisenhower administration embrace the doctor and of massive retaliation

The constant threat of mutually assured destruction under the doctrine made for more cautious diplomacy

Why did the Soviet union strongly support the national independence movements in the new Third World

They hoped to convince the new nations to ally themselves with the eastern bloc against european and american imperialists

Why did the editors of life magazine fear the American freedom might be in danger from not being used enough

Americans seemed to have largely withdrawn from open dissent in the public sphere

What made elvis such a popular celebrity

He brought rhythms and sexual provocative movements of black musicians to white audiences

Which of the following assessment of the civil rights movement is most accurate

The movement came as a great surprise it was predicted by only a few

Most likely why did the US Supreme Court not order the immediate implementation of its ruling in Brown versus Board of Education in 1954

Some justices on the court fear the outbreak of widespread violence was such a bold ruling

What inspiration did Martin Luther King Jr. gain from Mahatma Gandhi

The idea of peaceful civil disobedience

What event did President JFK blame on the failures of Eisenhower administration

The launch of the Soviets Satalite sputnik

Which statement about industry is faulse

The West did not benefit from the industries that spring up from the cold war

During the 1950s agriculture production

Rose by 50%

The housing act of 1949

Reinforce the concentration of poverty in nonwhite urban neighborhoods

During the Cold War religious differences

Were absorbed with the notion of a common Judeo Christian heritage

Call the following spured the growth of suburban middle class except

Trains and streetcars

Modern republicanism included

Did expansion of core new deal programs

Labor and employers agreed to a new social contract that included all the following provisions except

Employers require the national Association of Manufacturers to except the right of workers to organize unions

Which statement best describes the thesis of David Riesman’s book the lonely crowd

Americans were conformists and lacked the inner resources to lead truly independent lives

The Southern manifesto

Repudiated the Supreme Court decision and brown versus board of education

In his 1961 farewell address President Eisenhower warned Americans about

The military-industrial complex

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