Chapter 24 Review

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Dietary fats are important because they

help the body absorb fat soluble vitmains

Cholesterol though it is not an energy molecules, has importance in the body because it

is a stabilizing component of the plasma membranes and is the parent molecule of steroid hormones

Which of the following statements best describes complete protein

must meet all the body’s amnio acid requirements for maintenance and growth

The return metabolic rate reflects the

energy the body needs to perform only its most essential activates

The molecule that serves as the major source of readily available fuel for neurons and blood cells


The term metabolism is best defined as

biochemical reactions involved in building cell molecules or breaking down molecules for energy

When proteins undergo deamination, the waste substance found in the urine is mostly


It is important to ensure that your diet is adequately rich in vitamins because

most vitamins are coenzymes needed to help the body utilize essential nutrients

Which of the choices below describes the pathway of cellular respiration

glycolysis, krebs cycle, ETC, oxidative phosphorylation

Anabolism includes reactions in which

larger molecules or structures are built from smaller ones

Catabolism would be best described as process that

Breaks down complex structures to simpler ones

The process of breaking triglycerides down into glycerol and fatty acids is known as


The primary function of cellular respiration is to

break down food molecules and generate ATP

Which of the following mechanisms produces the most ATP during cellular respiration

Oxidate phosphorylation

Oxidative deamination takes place in the


Gluconeogenesis is the process in which

glucose is formed from noncarbohydrate precursors

Glycolysis is best defined as a catabolic reaction based upon the

conversion of glucose into two molecules of pyruvic acid

The most abundant dietary lipids are


Which of the following is the most important function of the liver?

protein metabolism

Lipogenesis occurs when

cellular ATP and glucose levels are high

When ketone bodies are present in the blood and urine in large amounts, it usually indicates increased metabolism of

fatty acids

Which of the following nutrients yield the highest amount of energy per gram when metabolized?


Which of the following does not occur in the mitochondria?


Select the correct statement about proteins

Protein swill be used by most cells for ATP synthesis if insufficient carbohydrates are ingested.

Oxidation reduction reactions

may involve the loss of hydrogen and electrons

Glucose can be obtaine from


Which of the following best defines negative nitrogen balance?

Protein breakdown exceeds protein synthesis

Which of the following food groups are considered good sources of complete proteins?

eggs, milk, yogurt, meat, fish

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