Chapter 12 MCSA Guide to Installing and Configuring Microsoft Windows Server 2012-R2

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​2 TB

​VHD based disks are limited to what size?


Which PowerShell cmdlet can be used to create a resource pool for measuring memory usage?


Select below the Integration Services feature that allows the host machine to detect when the VM has locked up or crashed:​

​Enable MAC address spoofing

What option when enabled allows a virtual machine to change the source MAC address on outgoing packets?


If an administrator wants to extend an existing volume, what command should be used?

​Start saved virtual machine state

​Which of the following is not a valid option when configuring automatic start?


Once resource metering is enabled, what PowerShell cmdlet will display resource metering data?


A regular session, called a "basic session" in Hyper-V, redirects only screen, mouse, and keyboard I/O from the guest to the Virtual Machine Connection console.


Generation 1 virtual machines can only perform a network boot using IPv4.


Which PowerShell cmdlet can be used to ​start a virtual machine?


Generation 2 virtual machines support legacy adapters.


How many checkpoints can be created for a single VM

​C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\ Windows\Hyper-V

Where is the smart paging file located on a Windows Server by default?​


After a checkpoint has been created for a virtual machine, the checkpoint location for the VM can’t be changed.

8 KB

Hyper-V considers one read I/O operation to be how much data​?


The XML file containing the details of a VM’s virtual hardware configuration is stored in what folder by default?​

​Hyper-V Manager

What utility should always be used in order to delete checkpoints?​


Storage Quality of Service allows administrators to specify minimum and maximum performance values for virtual hard disks.


Which of the following choices is not a valid resource pool type?

Local Resources

Under what tab can resources from a virtual machine be redirected to the host computer?


Checkpoint files utilize what file name extension?

​Fixed size

If a virtual machine will be running disk intensive applications, what type of virtual disks should be used?

Virtual LANs

How can an administrator ​create subnets, or boradcast domains, on a single external or internal virtual switch?

Guest services

What service offered by Integration Services enables the copying of files to a running VM "out of band", using the VMBus?​

Virtual machine limit

What value can be used to determine what percentage of assigned processing power can be used by a VM?​

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