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The term "Gothic," as applied to France’s new architecture, was originally a derogatory term, because the

Goths had destroyed Classical traditions.

The new Gothic style was proclaimed by the use of

abundant light.

A large number of French cathedrals were called Notre Dame ("Our Lady"), because they were dedicated to

the Virgin Mary, who was regarded as the "Queen of Heaven."

What survived Chartres Cathedral’s devastating fire of 1194?

Mary’s tunic and a window portraying her

Gothic cathedrals contained stained-glass programs primarily to

tell Bible stories to a mostly illiterate audience.

The Tree of Jesse is a common stained-glass motif, because it

establishes Mary’s royal lineage from King David.

The replacement of massive stonework with an almost lacy play of thin columns was, in the Gothic period, enabled by the development of

rib vaulting.

Gothic cathedrals included flying buttresses to

help spread the weight of the vaults.

The origins of the organ date back to

Why, in 1179, did the cathedral school of Notre-Dame in Paris start admitting nonclerical students?

A papal decree ordered their admittance.

The University of Paris was most distinguished by its

quality of teaching.

Peter Abelard based his teaching upon the methods of


The popular poem Roman de la Rose is based upon the relationship between

Peter Abelard and Héloïse

Scholasticism sought to reconcile the subjects of

Christian faith and Classical reason.

The largest issue that Thomas Aquinas attempts to prove in his Summa Theologica is the existence of


The Radiant-style Sainte-Chapelle’s primary intended effect is to

transport visitors into a realm of heavenly beauty.

While on a crusade in Constantinople, what relic did Louis IX purchase to display at Sainte-Chapelle?

Christ’s crown of thorns

Louis IX was beloved by the French people, because he

abolished serfdom and private wars and reformed the tax structure.

Bruges was a desirable place to live in the late Middle Ages, because its

people earned the highest wages in northern Europe.

In fifteenth-century Bruges, the Radiant style could be seen in the

town hall.

Giovanni Pisano sculpted his Mary, Sister of Moses leaning forward to

allow viewers below to see her face.

Santa Croce, the Franciscan church, and Santa Maria Novella, the Dominican church, were located at opposite ends of Florence to

emphasize the rivalry between the two orders.

Select the statement that is INCORRECT about private family patronage in Italy:

Private families tended to favor stained glass over fresco to decorate their chapels.

Italian mendicant churches from the Gothic period are distinguished by

plain facades.

The interior decoration of Italian churches differed from those of Northern Europe in their greater use of


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