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The earliest Christian churches were patterned after basilicas used by the Romans as

public buildings.

Which church’s name means "Holy Wisdom"?

Hagia Sophia

. The tremendous dome of Hagia Sophia is supported by

four pendentives

What was the main intention of Byzantine mosaic artists?

to create a symbolic, mystical art

How would you characterize Byzantine architectural exteriors?

They were plain and unadorned.

The medium for Theodora and Her Attendants is


A feature that became a required element for Muslim mosques is the

hypostyle space

The Djingareyber Mosque in Timbuktu is constructed from what materials?

burnt brick and mud

The hinged clasp from the Sutton Hoo burial ship features what distinguishing characteristic of the art of migrating peoples of the Middle Ages?

A focus on animal style

The manuscript page of St. Matthew from the Gospel Book of Charlemagne is an excellent example of

Carolingian art.

How can we distinguish Romanesque architecture from earlier architecture?

Vaulted ceilings were employed instead of flat roofs

Romanesque church, where was the most important sculptural work usually located, and what was a typical subject?

Christ and above the main door

How can Gothic architecture be distinguished from the earlier, Romanesque style?

in its use of stained glass

What did flying buttresses allow the architecture of the Gothic church to do?

Reach an extraordinary height

How can Gothic sculpture be distinguished from Romanesque sculpture?

It is much more naturalistic

Just as Christianity affected culture in the West after antiquity, which belief system affected culture in the East, effectively spreading from India, across all of Asia, to Japan?


Describe the architectural form favored during the Tang dynasty in China.

This form is the pagoda, a multistoried structure of successively smaller, repeated stories, with projecting roofs at each story.

The Head of a King (Oni) comes from

the Ife culture in present-day Nigeria

The Zagwe, an East African dynasty who reigned from the early twelfth century to 1270, produced massive churches that

were carved into the soft rock of the region

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