Ch. 12 Music Quiz

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A knowledge of _______ styles helps put a musical work in the context of its creation.


Considering the title of Symphony No. 94 in G Major by Joseph Haydn, which is a TRUE statement?

the title indicates the genre and key

We often label art music as


Genre describes a musical form.


In what century did the Renaissance begin?

15th century

J. S. Bach’s Minuet in D Minor is from what historical period?


Listening Guides in this textbook focus primarily on

western art music

Most cultures employ sacred music for religious functions.


Most musical cultures in the world use written notation to preserve and transmit their music.


Music composed for religious purposes is called


Musical compositions are often identified through a cataloguing system described by

opus numbers

Opus is Latin for


Oral transmission is the process of preserving music without written notation.


Regarding a symphony, which is NOT a true statement?

a symphony is a song written for an orchestra

Which term refers to a category of music?


Which of the following defines the characteristics of style?

The total language of artists from a style period. The creator’s personal manner of expression. The individualized treatment of the elements of music.

The lines that distinguish art music from other kinds are clearly delineated


Western art music refers to

notated and cultivated music of European and Euro-American society

Which historical style period lasted less than 100 years?


Which is NOT a true statement?

genres are the same in every culture

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