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When a switch configuration includes a user-defined error threshold on a per-port basis, to which switching method will the switch revert when the error threshold is reached?


Which two functions or operations are performed by the MAC sublayer? (Choose two.)

*Responsible for Media Access Control *Adds a header and trailer to form an OSI Layer 2 PDU

Refer to the graphic. H2 has sent a broadcast message to all of the hosts. If host H1 wants to reply to the broadcast message, which statement is true?

H1 sends a unicast message to H2 and the switch forwards it directly.

Refer to the exhibit. PC1 issues an ARP request because it needs to send a packet to PC3. In this scenario, what will happen next?

RT1 will send an ARP reply with its own Fa0/0 MAC address.

The Ethernet ___________ sublayer is responsible for communicating directly with the physical layer.


What is the decimal equivalent of the hexadecimal value of 3F?


On Ethernet networks, the hexadecimal address FF-FF-FF-FF-FF-FF represents the
MAC address.


What is the primary purpose of ARP?

resolve IPv4 addresses to MAC addresses

What type of address is 01-00-5E-0A-00-02?

an address that reaches a specific group of hosts

When the store-and-forward method of switching is in use, what part of the Ethernet frame is used to perform an error check?

CRC in the trailer

A Layer 2 switch is used to switch incoming frames from a 1000BASE-T port to a port connected to a 100Base-T network. Which method of memory buffering would work best for this task?

shared memory buffering

Refer to the exhibit. What is the destination MAC address of the Ethernet frame as it leaves the web server if the final destination is PC1?

00-60-2F-3A-07-CC The destination MAC address is used for local delivery of Ethernet frames. The MAC (Layer 2) address changes at each network segment along the path. As the frame leaves the web server, it will be delivered by using the MAC address of the default gateway

Fill in the blank using a number.
The minimum Ethernet frame size is
bytes. Anything smaller than that should be considered a "runt frame."


Fill in the blank.
The binary number 0000 1010 can be expressed as
in hexadecimal.


Which action is taken by a Layer 2 switch when it receives a Layer 2 broadcast frame?

It sends the frame to all ports except the port on which it received the frame

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