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If there are two or more possible routes to the same destination, the
_______________ is used to determine which route is used in the routing table.


During the boot process, where will the router bootstrap program look for the IOS image by default?


Which value, that is contained in an IPv4 header field, is decremented by each router that receives a packet?


What are two functions that are provided by the network layer?

*providing end devicess with a unique network identifier *directing data packets to destination hosts on other networks.

Which portion of the network layer address does a router use to forward packets?

network portion

A router may have to fragment a packet when forwarding it from one medium to another medium that has a smaller _______________


The acronym _______________ is used to define the process that allows multiple devices to share a single routable IP address.


Which IPv4 address can a host use to ping the loopback interface?

Open the PT activity. Perform the tasks in the activity instructions and then answer the question.
Which interfaces in each router are active and operational?

R1: G0/0 and S0/0/0 R2: G0/1 and S0/0/0

How does the network layer use the MTU value?

The MTU is passed to the network layer by the data link layer.

Refer to the exhibit. Fill in the blank.
A packet leaving PC-1 has to traverse _______ hops to reach PC-4.​


Which key combination allows a user to abort setup mode?


Within a production network, what is the purpose of configuring a switch with a default gateway address?

The default gateway address is used to forward packets originating from the switch to remote networks.

Refer to the exhibit. Using the network in the exhibit, what would be the default gateway address for host A in the network?

When transporting data from real-time applications, such as streaming audio and video, which field in the IPv6 header can be used to inform the routers and switches to maintain the same path for the packets in the same conversation?

flow label

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