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Internet addresses are controlled by which one of the following protocols?​

IP (B)

Which of the following is an example of a DCE?​

Router, Modem, Hub (All of the above)

Which type of broadband Internet access involves using cellular data networks? ​

Mobile (C)

Which of the following is an advantage of wired connection?​

More Secure, More dependable, Faster Speeds (All of the above)

Networks that form the Internet are maintained by who?​

ISPs (A)

Which type of network cover a large geographical area and usually consists of several smaller networks, which might use different computer platforms and network technologies.​


What type of Internet connection do you have when upload speed differs from download speed?​

Asymmetric (B)

What organization is the top-level authority for supervising domain name requests?​


On a network, any device that stores or generates data is considered to be a(n) _________.​


DSL is an example of what type of Internet access?​

Fixed (C)

Which DCE would you use if you wanted to extend a wired network by adding more ports?​

Hub (A)

_______ are designed to provide connectivity for devices within a limited area, typically within the premises of a home, office building, business, or school.​

LANs (C)

Which network tier forms the Internet backbone?​

Tier 1 (A)

Which type of protocol provides a way to transfer files from one computer to another over any TCP/IP network, such as a LAN or the Internet.​


Suppose you wanted to run a Web server or FTP server from your home. What type of IP address would you want?​

Static (B)

Which type of network topology connects a peripheral device to a host device?​

Point-to-Point (D)

Which type of network topology connects multiple devices to a central device?​

Star (B)

Which file sharing protocol distributes the role of a file server across a collection of dispersed computers?​

BitTorrent (D)

Which type of mobile broadband service has maximum download rates of 300 Mbps and upload rates of 75 Mbps?​

4G (D)

__________ LANs are usually arranged in a star topology with computers wired to central switching circuitry that is incorporated in modern routers.​

Ethernet (B)

On a network, which protocol is responsible for dividing files into chunks, adding headers containing information for reassembling packets in their original order, and error checking?​


Which type of communication protocol converts data into standard formats that can be used by applications?​

Arrival (C)

The bandwidth of a channel that carries digital data is usually measured in ___________.​

Bits per second (B)

_________ technology divides a message into several packets that can be routed independently to their destination.​

Packet Switching (B)

Which type of cables are used for high-capacity trunk lines that provide main routes for telephone, cable, and Internet communications?​

Fiber-Optic Cables (B)

Which type of network connects smart devices or consumer electronics within a range of about 30 feet (10 meters) and without the use of wires or cables.​


Which type of network topology allows for redundant paths between devices that can be used to bypass failed devices?​

Mesh (A)

Dropbox is an example of a file hosting service.​


Most wireless LANs use licensed frequencies that require applying to the FCC for permission.​


A communication port is a physical circuit through which data flows.​


Wi-Fi signals may reach up to 300 feet from the router.​


LANs use many of the same network technologies as the Internet.​


Domain name servers maintain lists of all domain names and their corresponding IP addresses.​


Data cannot flow over multiple networks that have different topologies.​


You may be able to bypass DNS outages by changing your DNS server.​


Microwaves have more carrying capacity than radio waves.​


With wired connections, such as Ethernet, the rated speed and range are usually quite different to actual performance.​


File sharing poses no real security risks.​


Napster spurred the development of sophisticated, distributed protocols such as BitTorrent.​


Connection speed is technically a measure of capacity.​


The organization that supervises Internet addressing is ARPANET.​


Wireless connections use licensed frequencies that are available for public use.​


​UDP is faster than TCP but does not perform error checking.


When connecting to the Internet, most Internet users connect to a Tier 1 network.​


Most Internet connections are symmetrical.​


You can set up Wi-Fi to use wireless mesh topology OR star topology.​


When interference affects a wireless signal, data must be re-transmitted.​


When setting up a Wi-Fi network, the router you select should support the fastest device you’ll want to use on the network.​


A private IP address can be used to send data over the Internet.​


The Internet is the world’s largest WAN.​


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