CCNA 1 Chapter 9 Exam

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Which two characteristics are associated with UDP sessions

Received data is unacknowledged. Destination devices receive traffic with minimal delay. .

What happens if part of an FTP message is not delivered to the destination?

The part of the FTP message that was lost is re-sent.

A host device needs to send a large video file across the network while providing data communication to other users. Which feature will allow different communication streams to occur at the same time, without having a single data stream using all available bandwidth?


What kind of port must be requested from IANA in order to be used with a specific application?

registered port

What type of information is included in the transport header

destination and source port numbers

What is a socket?

the combination of a source IP address and port number or a destination IP address and port number

What is the complete range of TCP and UDP well-known ports?

0 to 1023

Which flag in the TCP header is used in response to a received FIN in order to terminate connectivity between two network devices?


What is a characteristic of a TCP server process?

There can be many ports open simultaneously on a server, one for each active server application.

Which two flags in the TCP header are used in a TCP three-way handshake to establish connectivity between two network devices?


A PC is downloading a large file from a server. The TCP window is 1000 bytes. The server is sending the file using 100-byte segments. How many segments will the server send before it requires an acknowledgment from the PC?

10 segments

Which factor determines TCP window size?

the amount of data the destination can process at one time

During a TCP session, a destination device sends an acknowledgment number to the source device. What does the acknowledgment number represent?

the next byte that the destination expects to receive

What information is used by TCP to reassemble and reorder received segments?

sequence numbers

What does TCP do if the sending source detects network congestion on the path to the destination?

The source will decrease the amount of data that it sends before it must receive acknowledgements from the destination.

What is a characteristic of UDP?

UDP reassembles the received datagrams in the order they were received.

What does a client do when it has UDP datagrams to send?

It just sends the datagrams.

What happens if the first packet of a TFTP transfer is lost?

The TFTP application will retry the request if a reply is not received.

A host device is receiving live streaming video. How does the device account for video data that is lost during transmission?

The device will continue receiving the streaming video, but there may be a momentary disruption.

Why does HTTP use TCP as the transport layer protocol?

because HTTP requires reliable delivery

When is UDP preferred to TCP?

when an application can tolerate some loss of data during transmission

Which three application layer protocols use TCP?


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