Causes and Effects of European Imperialism in Africa

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Cause 1 of European Imperialism in Africa

Rivalries/Competition -competition between European powers involved with Africa; Britain, Germany, and France were the most dominant of all -each country wanted to increase its power by owning more land and territory around the world -spirit of nationalism -led to the Berlin Conference

Cause 2 of European Imperialism in Africa

The Berlin Conference -in 1884 and 1885, the Berlin Conference was held -mapped out European possession of Africa; by 1900, 90% of Africa was under European control -it regulated European trade and colonization in Africa during the Imperialism period

Cause 3 of European Imperialism in Africa

Resources -natural resources were very important when motivating European colonization in Africa -raw materials

Cause 4 of European Imperialism in Africa

Strategy/Economy -European powers maintained control of specific locations for strategic reasons -African colonies were intended as a market for goods manufactured back in the European "home country" EX: Natural resources allowed African workers to grow crops which could be sold at home in Europe

Positive Effects of European Imperialism in Africa

1) European efforts to improve the colonies increased in improved education and sanitation 2) Hospitals, schools, and factories were built, creating more jobs for the people of Africa 3) Local warfare was reduced due to European control of the African government; order, political stability, and peace brought to the colonies 4) Economic expansion occurred; African products became available to the international market, allowing the colonies to become more prosperous

Negative Effects of European Imperialism in Africa

1) Africans lost their home land and were put under the indirect control of the British and other European countries 2) Many Africans died due to diseases brought over by the Europeans that they had no immunity to 3) Many natives fought in battles with the Europeans to defend their ways of life; many killed in these battles and cultures/customs were broken down, authority figures replaced 4) Demand for cash crops caused famines

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