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Which statement best describes the use of a catalyst in a fuel cell?

It increases reaction rates.

Why does platinum metal make a good catalytic surface for reactant molecules?

It holds reactant molecules in a good position for them to react

Hydrogen gas reacts rapidly with oxygen gas in the presence of a platinum catalyst. Which equation correctly represents this reaction?

2H2 (g) + O2 (g) —-Pt—-> 2H2O (g)

Which of the following statements describes how enzymes differ from ordinary chemical catalysts?

Enzymes catalyze select chemical reactions

Which statement defines enzymatic activity?

Enzymes regulate cellular functions through feedback mechanisms.

Which statement describes a homogeneous catalyst?

It is in the same phase as the reactants.

Which statement defines activation energy?

It is the difference between reactant energy and maximum energy.

Pepsin is a water-soluble enzyme that helps digest proteins in the human stomach. A chemist dissolves a protein in water in a test tube and then mixes a small amount of powdered pepsin into the protein solution to break the protein down. How would pepsin most likely be categorized?

It is a homogeneous catalyst because both the reactant and the enzyme are liquids.

What overall effect does adding a catalyst have on a chemical reaction?

It lowers the activation energy that is needed.

Which statement describes a catalyst?

Catalysts provide a lower energy pathway for the reaction.

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