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Which of the following is an important consideration when evaluating storage options for digital devices?

Durability, Dependability, Capacity (All of the above D)

Modern refrigerators, washing machines, and other appliances are controlled by integrated circuits called _____ that combine sensors with processing circuitry.

Microcontrollers (A)

The part of the data bus that runs between the microprocessor and Ram is called the _____ bus.

local (A)

A(n) _____ contains a collection of instructions for actions that the circuitry in a microprocessor can perform.

Instruction Set (D)

What type of computer should you consider purchasing if you want a portable system that is great for consuming content such as ebooks, music, and videos but not so great for creating content or multitasking?

Tablet (A)

_____ is data that is entered into a computer. _____ is the result produced by a computer.

Input, Output (B)

______ is the amount of data a storage device can mover per second from the storage medium to RAM.

Data transfer rate (B)

Microprocessors can’t directly understand programming languages, so programs have to be converted into _____ that corresponds to the microprocessor’s instruction set.

Machine langage (B)

Most computers have temporary holding areas called _____.

Memory (D)

Which optical storage technology stores data permanently on a disc, which cannot be subsequently added to or changed?

Read-only (A)

_____ is temporary holding area for data and programs.


What type of computer should you consider purchasing if you want a portable system that is good for students and on-the-go professionals who want to create content and be productive, in addition to consuming content?

Laptop (B)

Originally called microcomputers, _____ are designed to meet the computing needs of individuals.

Personal computers (B)

Which of the following is based on computer technology?

Tablets, Ebook Readers, Game consoles (All of the above D)

Which of the following is an example of an operating system that is used by smartphones?

iOS, Android, Windows RT (All of the above D)

Processors that execute one instruction at a time are considered to be _____ processors.

Serial (A)

The primary purpose of _____ software is to help the computer system monitor itself in order to function efficiently.

System (A)

The most popular battery type used in todays electronic devices is _____.

Litium ion (C)

The term _____ refers to the part of a digital device that holds system board.

System unit (D)

The main circuits on the system board that carry data are called the _____.

Data bus (D)

Which of the following is an example of why hard disk drives are so popular?

Relatively low cost for lots of storage (B)

A(n) _____ is software that helps a peripheral device establish communication with its host device.

Device driver (B)

What type of computer should you consider purchasing if you want a system that is ideal for dedicated gamers, serious designers, desktop publishers, and video editors?

Desktop (B)

The electronic components of most digital devices are mounted on a circuit board called a ______.

System board, motherboard, main board (All of the above D)

The advantages of LCD screens include display clarity, low radiation emission, portability, and compactness.

Display clarity, low radiation emission, portability (All of the above D)

Which of the following is an example of a computer that is a small, lightweight personal computer that is designed like a clamshell?

Laptop computer (B)

Which of the following is NOT an example of an expansion port?


Wt its time of construction, one of the fastest computers in the world is refereed to as a(n) _____.

Supercomputer (B)

Which of the following is NOT drawback of using cloud storage?

High price of storage (B)

In a microprocessor, the _____ fetches instructions.

control unit (D)

All remote storage is considered to be cloud storage.


When a peripheral device is connected or disconnected while the host device is operating, it is called hot-plugging.


A desktop is a portable computing device featuring a touch-sensitive screen that can be used for input as well as for output.


The operating systems for smartphones are radically different to those used for tablet computers.


The CPU of most modern computers is a microprocessor.


The ability to switch between programs makes computers multipurpose devices.


The intel i7 microprocessor is x86 compatible.


Intel Corporation is the world’s largest chipmaker and supplies a sizable percentage of microprocessors that power desktops and laptops.


Smartwatches are multifunction devices that can include a camera, thermometer, compass, calculator, cell phone, GPS, media player, and fitness tracker.


A hard disk drive is an example of magnetic storage.


Most computer ads specify the speed of a microprocessor in gigahertz.


Component systems are currently the most popular form factor for digital devices.


A slate tablet configuration is basically a screen in a narrow frame that lacks a physical keyboard.


A multicore processor that executes more than one instruction at a time is referred to as a parallel processor.


In a display device, response rate is the time it takes for one pixel to change from black to white then back to black.


During an instruction cycle, all parts of the instruction are performed by the microprocessor’s control unit.


Computers with the same operating systems can typically use the same software and peripheral devices.


Smartphones evolved from basic cell phones and PDAs.


Battery life is the time your device operates before it must be recharged.


An example of system software is a computer operating system.


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