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The number of colors available in a graphic is referred to as color _____.

Depth (A)

The process of converting information, such as text, numbers, photos, or music, into digital data that con be manipulated by electronic devises is called _____.

Digitization (B)

Which of the following is NOT a type of bitmap format?


Which of the following is not a factor in the quality of digital video?

Memory technology in your camera (D)

Today’s widescreen devices, such as laptops and smartphones, are designed for the 16:9 _____.

Aspect Ratio (B)

Digital data can be _____ that have been converted into discrete digits such as 0s and 1s.

Text, numbers, graphics, sound, and video (All of the above D)

Most graphics software uses a process called pixel _____ to create new pixels by averaging the colors of nearby pixels.

Interpolation (B)

The number of frames that are displayed per second is measured in _____.

fps (B)

Which of the following tools would be found in 3-D graphics software?

Rendering tools, ray tracing tools, and surface texture tools (All of the above D)

Unicode uses _____ bits and provides codes for 65,000 characters.

Sixteen (D)

_____ is music, speech, and other sounds represented in binary format for use in digital devices.

Digital Audio (D)

Compressed files usually have ____ at the end of the file name.

.zip (B)

_____ data consists of numbers that can be used in arithmetic operations.

Numeric (C)

3-D graphics are based on vectors stored as a set of instructions describing the coordinates for lines and shapes in a three dimensional space. What do these vectors form?

Wireframe (C)

Which of the following is the technique for adding light and shadows to a 3-D image?

Ray tracing (B)

Which of the following file extensions is NOT a vector graphic?

.tif (C)

Digital audio is stored in a variety of file formats, including

WMA, WAV, and MP3 (All of the above D)

Transmission speeds are expressed in _____, whereas storage space is expressed in _____.

bits, bytes (A)

ASCII requires _____ bits for each character.

Seven (C)

A(n) _____ is the software that compresses a video stream when a video is stored, and decompresses the file when the video is played.

Codec (B)

Sampling _____ refers to the number of times per second that a sound is measured during the recording process.

Rate (A)

Digital video is a core technology for which of the following?

Digital television, videoconferencing systems, and video messaging (All of the above D)

What is another term for vector graphics software?

Drawing software (A)

Which of the following is NOT a type of digital video container file?


In the context of bitmap graphics editing, what technique employs algorithms that pull pixels from one area of an image and then apply them to another area?

Cloning (B)

The ____ number system allows digital devices to represent virtually any number simply by using 0s and 1s.

Binary (D)

_____ is the number of bits that are processed during a specific unit of time, usually during one second.

Bit rate (A)

Which of the following options are well suited for using vector graphics?

Line art, logos, and diagrams (All of the above D)

What is the term used to desired altering the pixel colors where the edges of the object and the background meet, so that the object appears to merge with the background?

Alpha blending (A)

Which of the following is NOT a format that is used for digital audio?


_____ enables people to control software with spoken commands, as well as dictate text into a word processing document.

Speech recognition (C)

Most music for portable media players is stored in _____ audio file formats.

Compressed (B)

Today’s color display devices represent color using the _____ color model.


A group of eight bits is called a _____.

byte (A)

After a vector graphic is converted into a bitmap, the resulting graphic no longer has the qualities of a vector graphic.


The binary system only has two digits: 1 and 2.


To conserve space, applications that require high-quality sound use low sampling rates.


The technical term for ripping music tracks is digital audio extortion.


Vido resolutions can be expressed as width x height.


ASCII text files contain formatting.


Lossy compression techniques discard soem data from an image to shrink its file size.


In digital video, a lower resolution reduces the bit rate.


TIFF, PNG, and GIF graphics formats offer lossy compression.


A bitmap graphic is composed of a grid of tiny rectangular cells.


All of the data stored and transmitted by digital devices is encoded as bits.


Digital videos look sharpest when they are displayed at a resolution that is larger than the frame size.


Plain, unformatted text is sometimes called ASCII text.


A file name extension indicates the file format.


One of the main disadvantages of MIDI is that it cannot produce vocals.


Character data is composed of letters, symbols, and numerals that are used in calculations.


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