BUS 215 – Practice Exam 2 (#2)

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Joaquin will use the three-step writing plan for his claim message. In the body of the message, Joaquin will

identify enclosed copies of all pertinent documents.

Which of the following sentences is not a parallel step in this set of instructions?

Placing age or gender preference in the candidate qualifications section creates legal jeopardy.

Goodwill messages should be short, selfless, specific, spontaneous, and


Which of the following is an effective opening for a routine request message?

Please answer the following questions about your Web services

One important guideline when preparing instructions is to

divide the process into logical steps and present them in the correct order.

Although e-mail is successful for both internal and external communication, you should still use letters

formality and sensitivity are essential.

Isabel is responding to a congratulatory note she received from a colleague. Which of the following is the best sentence to include in her response?

Thanks for your kind words regarding my promotion.

The closing of an adjustment message should

express confidence in future business relations.

Which of the following is not a routine business message?

A letter to a customer denying his or her request for credit

Which part(s) of your messages are readers likely to find most interesting and read first?

Opening and closing

Which of the following statements best describes the use of letters, e-mails, and memos in businesses today?

Despite the popularity of e-mail, in certain situations letters remain the preferred channel of communication for delivering messages outside an organization.

In which of the following situations should you send a letter instead of an e-mail message?

You are asking leading members of the community to contribute to a fundraising event to improve local parks.

When writers must convey bad news, they must carefully consider all of the following except the

total number of words they use.

Receivers are far more likely to accept negative news when you show that the decision was

fair, impartial, rational = All answer choices are correct.

You must announce to customers that your restaurant will no longer be open on Sundays. Which of the following uses passive-voice verbs to deliver the bad news?

Beginning last month, our restaurant was closed on Sundays.

All of the following are helpful tips to deliver a bad-news message personally in the workplace except

focus on the future and avoid discussing the past or the present.

Which of the following sentences to employees best explains the reasons for a reduction in a company workforce?

Because of a decrease in sales, the number of employees will need to be reduced, which we know will affect all of you.

What is the best advice for presenting the bad-news portion of your negative message to employees?

Position the bad news so that it does not stand out.

The ability to understand and enter into the feelings of another is called


Which of the following is not a helpful tip for apologizing in a negative-news message?

Focus on your regret.

Taylor must send a bad-news message to a client and indicate to her that he will be unable to meet a delivery deadline. What should Taylor do first?

Analyze the bad news to see how it will affect his reader

Every business person will need to write a negative business message that may disappoint, irritate, or anger a receiver; these messages must be written


One of your goals in sending messages is to project a professional and positive image. One technique to project the proper image is by

controlling your emotions.

The bad feelings associated with disappointing news can be reduced if the receiver feels that the news was revealed sensitively, believes that the matter was treated seriously and fairly, and

knows the reasons for the rejection clearly.

Human Resource Specialist Julie Woodard must inform employees of a major reduction in health care benefits. When delivering this announcement, she should apply all the following techniques except

let the employees find out through the office grapevine.

Instant messaging and text messaging are advantageous for all of the following reasons except

guaranteed privacy

Podcasts and wikis are part of the new user-centered virtual environment called

Web 2.0

What advice should you follow when using down-editing to reply to an e-mail message?

Delete the sender’s message header, signature, and all unnecessary parts.

Eyasu must create a corporate blog. Which of the following should he use in his blog?

Eyasu should use all these techniques in his blog

An e-mail message or memo usually ends with action information, dates, or deadlines; a summary of the message; or a

closing thought.

Which of the following statements best describes use of social networks by businesses today?

Companies struggle with finding the right balance between permitting access to the Web and protecting security as well as ensuring productivity.

Jackson is sending an e-mail message about an important upcoming meeting. Which of the following represents the most effective subject line?

Please Attend Staff Meeting August 15

What is the current advice on the use of a greeting on business e-mail?

Begin with a greeting to provide a visual cue and to show friendliness.

Tara is starting a new job that will allow her to use text messaging. What advice should she follow?

Identify herself when texting a new contact.

When writing or responding to a blog, you should

correct any errors in your grammar, spelling, and mechanics.

Business e-mail users must learn that e-mail can be dangerous because messages travel long distances, are difficult to erase, and

may become evidence in court.

News professionals, educators, and corporate trainers create digital audio or video files; and receivers can download the files to a computer or a smartphone to view or hear the file contents. What are these digital audio or video files called?


Why do some employers forbid employees to use instant messaging (IM) and texting?

Some employers consider IM and texting distractions.

Learning to compose effective sales and marketing messages benefits you because

techniques for sales writing can be applied in any persuasive communication.

Mikhail’s claim has been denied once. Now, he is writing a second persuasive claim message to his digital media services company asking for a promised rebate package. Because he expects resistance, what should he do?

Appeal to the receiver’s sense of responsibility and pride in the company’s good name.

Rational appeals focus on making or saving money, increasing efficiency, and

making good use of resources.

Persuasion in today’s businesses focuses on

influencing others.

As a manager, Corbin must inform his staff that all employees must now contribute more to their health insurance premiums. What advice should Corbin follow when delivering his message?

Be honest and provide the important reasons for the increase in individual contributions.

The closing of a persuasive request should

motivate action.

Effective persuasive claim messages

present a logical case with clear facts.

You must write a sales message to prospective customers. What should you do in the opening of your sales message?

Offer something valuable, promise a benefit to the reader, or use some other technique to gain your reader’s attention.

Techniques to elicit audience desire and overcome reader resistance in a marketing message include all of the following except

application forms.

As a persuasive writer, you should practice all of the following except

offering a bribe or kickback to ensure that you win over your audience.

Professional marketers and salespeople follow the AIDA strategy in their sales messages because it is effective. What does AIDA represent?

Attention, interest, desire, and action

When you use the AIDA persuasive approach, your first task is to gain the reader’s attention (A). Which of the following represents your second step, or "I" tasks, of AIDA?

Describe the benefits a product or service offers and make rational or emotional appeals.

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