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The advantage of an electronic ____ is that the content can be easily edited and updated to reflect changing financial conditions.


Keyboard ____ can help you work faster and more efficiently because you can keep your hands on the keyboard.

touch mode

In ____, the ribbon increases in height, the buttons are bigger, and more space appears around each button so you can more easily use your finger or a stylus to tap the button you need.

column heading

"AZ" is an example of a ____.


To go to column A of the current row, press __


An Excel worksheet can have a maximum of ____ columns in a worksheet


To make A1 the active cell, you should press which of the following keys?

ctrl+pg up (or ctrl) + pg down

You can move to the previous or next sheet by pressing the ____ keys.


Each range is identified with a range reference that includes the cell reference of the upper-left cell of the rectangular block and the cell reference of the lower-right cell separated by a ____.

arithmetic operators

The characters +, -, *, and / are examples of ____.


An Excel formula always begins with a(n) _


The formula used to multiply cell A1 by cell C1 is ____.


A(n) ____ is a group of cells in a rectangular block.

formula bar

In the figure above, Box 1 points to the formula =F13*G13 in the ____.


In the figure above Box 3, points to color coded ____ references.

cell H13

In the figure above, Box 2 points to a formula in ____ multiplying the values in cells F13 and G13.


When you insert a new column, the existing columns are shifted to the ____ and the new column has the same width as the column directly to its left

Alt + enter

If you want to create a new line within a cell, press the ____ keys to move the insertion point to the next line within the cell.


What is the result of the expression =50+20/10*5?


To change the order of operations, enclose part of the formula in ____.

color coding

Excel makes reading formulas simpler by ____ each cell reference in the formula and its corresponding cell in the worksheet.


To switch to ____ mode, you double-click the cell.


To change a column width, you can click ____ on the Column submenu to make the column(s) as wide as the longest entry of the cells in the column.

auto complete

____ makes it easier to enter repetitive text in cells.


Which of the following takes precedence over multiplication?

flash fill

____ enters text based on patterns it finds in the data.


In ____ orientation, a page is taller than it is wide.

page break preview

____ displays the location of the different page breaks within the worksheet.


29. You can ____ the width or the height of the printout so that all of the columns or all of the rows fit on a single page.

excel performs exponentiation, then multiplication and division, the addition and subtraction

According to the order of operation in Excel:


To move the active cell up one row, press _


Which of the following will not change the location of the active cell?

an outline of the new location of the selected range

When you copy a selection of cells using drag and drop, which appears before you release the mouse button?


What is the syntax for a SUM formula adding the values of cell F6 to F9?

go to a location in the worksheet comand

Ctrl + G is used to access the ____.

a date format

mm/dd/yyyy is known as ____


Whenever you click the Save button on the Quick Access Toolbar or press the ____ keys, the workbook file is updated to reflect the latest content.


To move or copy a range of cells, select the correct order: 1. Move the pointer over the border of the selection until the pointer changes shape. 2. Select the cell or range you want to move or copy. 3. To move the range, click the border and drag the selection to a new location, or to copy the range, hold down the Ctrl key and drag the selection to a new location.


In the above figure, which box displays the formula in the formula bar?


In the above figure, which box displays the ScreenTip displaying the syntax of the SUM function?


In the figure above, which box displays the range references?


In the figure above, which box displays the highlighted cells used in the function?

resizes the column width until all addresses are visible

Column B in Tyler’s spreadsheet contains the addresses of his clients. Some of the addresses are truncated so Roger ____.

number of days

One of the entries Tyler enters into the spreadsheet automatically right-aligns in the cell. Which entry does this?

column D, then clicks the insert button in the cell’s group

Tyler wants to include the years that each client has been with him. He wishes to insert a new column called "Year" between Column C (Phone Number) and Column D (Number of Days ). To do this, Tyler selects ____.

same width as the original colum C

Tyler inserts a new column between columns C and D. The newly inserted column has the ____.

autofits the colum by double clicking its boarder

Tyler notices that the Address column is too wide. He could use that extra space for other columns so he ____.


Samantha will add the number of orders. She chooses to use the ____ function from the AutoSum feature.

cell below the group of cells she wants to add

To activate the AutoSum feature, Samantha clicks in the ____.

only allows for 31 characters in the sheet name

Samantha decides to rename her worksheet "Samantha’s Jewelry Business Worksheet" but she is unable to complete the word "Worksheet" because Excel ____.


Samantha wants to find out how much money she will make on her largest order, which is currently in row E. Cell E4 contains the number of items ordered and cell E5 contains the price per item. An appropriate formula would be ____.

formula veiw by pressing ctrl+’

Samantha has entered several formulas in her worksheet. All of a sudden, she realizes that the cells that once displayed the formula results are now displaying the formulas and all of the columns are wider. She must have switched to ____.

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