BoatUSFoundationVA Chapter 5

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What should you always do when a person falls overboard?

Have someone keep the victim in sight

Where should fire extinguishers be stored on a boat?

Where they are readily available

When someone falls overboard, what action should the skipper take?

Get flotation to the person and assign a spotter

What is a requirement for fire extinguishers on a boat?

Must be Coast Guard Approved

What should you do if your boat capsizes?

Stay with the boat

Which is the major cause of fatalities involving small boats?

Falling overboard and drowning

What is the term for the depth of the water needed to float a boat clear of the bottom?


Which of the following is a good technique when using a fire extinguisher?

Direct the extinguisher at the base of the flames using a sweeping motion

Within how many days must you file a boating accident for an incident that results in property damage only and exceeds $2000?


In Virginia, what are boat operators required to do when involved in an accident?

Give assistance to any person injured in the accident

What should you do if you suddenly find yourself in cold water?

Put on a PFD and get into the HELP position

If grounded aboard a small powerboat, which is a method to help free yourself?

Try to kedge your boat off the obstruction

Which of the following is a symptom of hypothermia?

Uncontrolled breathing

If your inboard/outboard boat runs aground, what action should you take in addition to shifting the weight away from the point of impact?

Stop the engine and lift the outdrive

Which one of the following is a Coast Guard requirement for fire extinguishers?

Must be maintained in a fully charged usable condition

If you run your boat aground, what should you do first?

Calmly assess the situation and get everyone to don PFDs

Class "B" fire extinguishers are best suited to fight what kind of fires?


Which "class" of fires consists of flammable liquids including stove alcohol, gasoline and diesel?

Class B

The danger of hypothermia is greatest for a person in which situation?

Immersed in cold water

You must submit a written accident report to the Virginia Department of Game & Inland Fisheries if damage to property exceeds how much?


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