BoatUSFoundationVA Chapter 1

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What type of boat is most likely to have a planing hull?

A Ski Boat

What must be done with the vessel’s registration paper?

Keep it aboard the boat when in operation

Which of the following is a characteristic of an overloaded boat?

Handles Poorly

What special care must you take with your hull identification number (HIN)?

Be Careful not to remove or destory this number

Where onboard a boat are the gunwales located?

At the top of the sides

What type of planning hull handles rough water the best?

Deep V Hull

What is a characteristic of a catamaran hull?

A Stable Ride

What is true of a No Discharge Zone or NDZ?

Discharge of sewage is illegal

Which of the following vessels are exempt from being titled and registered in Virginia?

Canoe and kayaks without an engine

In Virginia, where can you get a boat trailer registration?

Department of Motor Vehicles

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