Biology Chapter 3

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Hydrocarbons are inorganic compounds.

Which of the following statements about hydrocarbons is false?

The same molecular formula, but different chemical properties.

Propanol and isopropanol are isomers. This means that they have

Characteristic of alcohols.

A hydroxyl group is


Which of the following is a carboxyl group?

All functional groups include a carbon atom.

Which of the following statements about the functional groups of organic compounds is false?

Amino acids

Which of the following contains a carboxyl and an amino group?


Which of the following functional groups is capable of regulating gene expression?

Monomers are joined together by the process of hydrolysis.

Which of the following statements about the monomers and polymers found in living organisms is false?


The results of dehydration synthesis can be reversed by

To speed up chemical reactions

What is the general function of enzymes within a cell?

Cellulose, starch, and glycogen

Which of the following lists contains only polysaccharides?

Glycogen . . . Starch

The storage form of carbohydrates is ________ in animals and ________ in plants.

Fungi and insects

Which of the following organisms contain the polysaccharide chitin?

Most animal fats are saturated and many hydrogenated vegetable marines contain high levels of trans fats.

A diet high in animal products and hydrogenated vegetable margarine may increase the risk for atherosclerosis. This is because

fats have nonpolar hydrocarbon chains.

What feature of fats makes them hydrophobic?


Fatty acids are

Saturated fats

The development of atherosclerotic disease can result fr a diet high in

Is liquid at room temperature.

If you were to add olive oil to your food as part of a diet to lower you risk of atherosclerotic disease, you would use olive oil that


Which one of the following would be correctly classified as a protein?

Are found in hair

Structural proteins

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