ATI- Nutrition, Feeding, and Eating Pre-Test

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Which of the following strategies for enhancing the intake of healthful foods is appropriate for adolescents?

Making healthful food choices more convenient and available to them

A nurse should recognize which of the following is correct in regards to albumin level as a diagnostic marker in nutritional status?

Albumin level is a poor, short-term indicator of protein status.

To assess a stroke patient for complications secondary to inadequate swallowing, the nurse should do what?

Auscultate the pt’s lungs. ("Silent" aspirations are a common complication of swallowing impairment)

Which of the following are appropriate choices for a patient prescribed a full liquid diet? (SATP)

plain yogurt, custard, pureed vegetables, gelatin

Which of the following dietary modifications should an adolescent make if they are involved in sports?

Drink water before and after sports

A pt. has finished a 16 oz. container of orange juice. The intake and output sheet documents fluid in mL. What should the intake be documented as?

1 fluid oz= 30mL 16 oz = 480 mL

When teaching the parents of a toddler about feeding and eating, the nurse should include which of the following?

Don’t feed your <3 aged child raw veggies (choking hazard)

A nurse has a pt. who has impaired swallowing due to a cerebrovascular accident. Which of the following interventions should the nurse use to assist with feeding?

elevate the head of the bed 45-90 degrees

Primary purpose for having pt. keep a 3-7 day food diary?

to assess the pattern of intake and compare with daily reference intakes

Which of the following interventions should a nurse use at mealtimes for a patient who has visual deficits?

identify the food location as if the plate were the face of a clock.

A nurse is caring for a patient who has sustained a head injury and whose level of consciousness fluctuates. The provider prescribes a full liquid diet progressing to a pureed diet as tolerated. Before initiating feedings, it is essential the patient undergoes which of the following?

swallowing examination

A nurse is performing a nutritional assessment. When obtaining and interpreting anthropometric values, the nurse should recognize which of the following?

the pt. should be weighed on the same scale at the same time each day

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