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Renzo Piano’s Jean-Marie Tjibaou Cultural Center is an example of "green architecture". Such buildings are praised for their

self sufficiency and innovative design

Jasper Johns chose to paint his image of the American flag to express

his tendency to show things seen but not examined

The imagery in Faith Ringgold’s "God Bless America" was inspired by

Civil Rights movement of the 1960’s

What is the function of the "nkisi nkonde" figure?

It pursues wrongdoers at night and punishes them when nails are driven into it

Painter Richard Haas improved the unappealing facade of the Oregon Hisotrical Society by

painting a tompe-l’oeil mural on it

According to Sayre (the textbook’s author), what are the three steps in the process of "seeing"?

reception, extraction, inference

What might have affected Pablo Picasso’s severe style of representation seen in "Les Demoiselles d’Avignon"?

African masks he saw at a Paris museum

Objects that are intended to stimulate a sense of beauty in the viewer are thought to be not merely functional but


We can clearly see the artistic impulse to "give form to the immaterial", to represent hidden or universal truths, spiritual forces, and personal feelings in

religious art

On what basis did a Cincinnati jury acquit the Cincinnati Contemporary Arts Center and its director of obscenity in showing an exhibition of Robert Mapplethorpe’s work?

The work possessed "serious artistic value"

How did Michelangelo’s "David" become political?

It was placed in Florence’s government square as a symbol of the Republic’s freedome from the Medici family

The mission of the National Endowment of the Arts, as defined when it was first funded by Congress in 1967, was

to teach the public how to see and appreciate "advanced art"

Sayre states that he believes that all people are creative, but artists possess qualities that most do not. Which of the following best describes these qualities?

Artists are critical thinkers, meaning they question assumptions and explore new directions

What female types does Mickalene Thomas’s "Portrait of Mnonja" evoke?

African-American superstar divas of the 1970’s

Dunhuang is the site of the great collection of the aearly Chinese are that fills the

Mogao Caves

In "The Treason of the Images", the artist combines awareness, creativity, and communication by encouraging the viewer to look closely at an object. The artist is

Rene Magritte

Jan van Eyck’s"Giovanni Arnolfini and His Wife Giovanna Cenami" depicts many objects that have symbolic meaning. The use of study of these symbols is called


While in prison, Howling Wolf made many drawings called

ledger drawings

When a painting is so real it appears to be a photograph is it called


Beatriz Milhaze’s "Carambola" is based on

the square

Jan van Eyck’s "Giovanni Arnolfini and his wife Giovanna Cenami", like Rene Magritte’s "The Treason of Images", is concerned with

images that are not always what they appear to be

In the sixteenth century, "The Ghent Altarpiece" which represents the divine, was threatened by


The painting "The treason of images" asks us to consider

that images and words refer to things that we see but are not the things themselves

The "Triumphal Entry" page from the Shahnamah manuscript, a sacred text, exemplifies the preference of the word over image in

Islamic art

The symbolic hand gestures that refer to specific states of mind or events in the life of Buddha are called


The terms "naturalistic art" or "realistic art" are sometimes used to describe

representational art

The title of Willem de Kooning’s "North Atlantic Light" refers to

the feeling of light in the painting

Why are images traditionally frowned on in the islamic art?

The word can be trusted in a way that imaged cannot

In a work of art, "content" refers to

what the work means

What kind of bias does Kenneth Clark illustrate in his assessment that an ancient Greek statue represents a "higher state of civilization" than West African mask?


What is the chief form of Islamic art?


What is the subject matter of Shirin Neshat’s Rebellious Silence?

It depicts a Muslim woman in a black chador, a rifle dividing, and Farsi text inscribed over her face, showing her as liberated and equal with men

Naturalism is a type of representation in which the artisit

retains realistic elements but presents the world from a personal or subjective point of view

Kazmir Malevich called his art


SAMO is a name adopted by

Jean-Michael Bsquiat

When a work does not refer to the natural or objective world at all, it is called


The less representational an artwork resembles the real world, the more it is considered


"Puget Sound on the Pacific Coast" was painted by

Albert Bierstadt

How did Kenneth Clark know of the African dancing mask he disparaged in his television series and book "Civilization"?

He owned it

How is Wolf Kahn’s "Afterglow I" comparable to Willem de Kooning’s "North Atlantic Light"?

Both paintings are largely concerned with the effects of light

The Starry Night by Vincent van Gogh indicates the power of the artist’s

expressive line

In Rembrandt van Rijn’s The Three Crosses, how did the artist create a darkening landscape as the eye moves away from the crucified Christ?

by increasing the density of the lines

Titian’s Assumption and Consecration of the Virgin demonstrates the power of

lines of sight

How is Sol LeWitt’s line in Wall Drawing No. 681 C best descrived?


How are Rembrandt’s Three Crosses and Vincent Van Gogh’s Starry Night similar?

They both use expressive line to convey emotion

Lines that create a sense of movement and direction are called

implied lines

Yoshitomo Nara’s Dead Flower was not used in this lecture because of its

juvenile style of language

What cultural conventions did Robert Mapplethorpe challenge in his photographic portrait of female bodybuilder Lisa Lyon?

the use of classical models in modern photography

When a style of line becomes associated as an artist’s work, we say it is


Lines that are loose and free-form are called

gestural lines

Wenda Gu creates calligraphy using

human hair or pen and ink

In his paintings, Van Gogh builds up his lines thick, bold strokes that possess an almost structural quality known as


Lines that form the outer edge of a three-dimensional shape and suggest its volume are called

contour lines

We know about Vincent Van Gogh’s thoughts on his work The Sower from

Letters he wrote

Jacques-Louis David’s The Death of Socrates is set up in a system of right angles on a grid structure. How does this affect the content of the piece?

it reiterates the rationality of Socrates’ actions

In Pat Steir’s The Brueghel Series: A Vanitas of Style, a series of sixty-four separate panels are held together by what category of line?

grid lines

Leonardo’s The Last Supper is based on what specific type of perspective?

one-point linear perspective

Gustave Caillebotte’s Place de l’Europe on a Rainy Day is based on what specific type of perspective

two-point linear perspective

In Harmony in Red -The Red Room- , Henri Matisse deliveratily intended to violate the laws of perspective. Why?

He preferred flat space and disliked shading

Paul Cezanne’s Mme Cezanne in a Red Armchair illustrates the artists strong interest in


What is the metaphorical significance of the feast-making spoon sculpture for the Ivory Coast?

It represents the imagination transforming an everyday object for good

How is a viewer’s experience of the Rubin vase similar to that of experiencing Eliasson’s Suney?

Forms are intentionally distorted

Where is the vanishing point in the perspective analysis of Duccio’s Annunciation of the Death of the Virgin, from the Maesta Alterpiece?

at several points in the compostion

In Deliverance, which technique does Steve DiBenedetto use to create a sense of space?

overlapping images, fine line work, crazy amount of lines

Which element of Matisse’s Harmony in Red -The Red Room- create a visual contradiction to the work’s title?

its representation of spatial depth

What relationship exists between Leonardo da Vinci’s perspective system in The Last Supper and the painting’s actual location?

The painting’s perspective is directly linked to the architectural space of its location

In the nineteenth century, Japanese prints began to influence European painters, particularly in their

flattening of space between foreground and background

In The Dead Christ, which technique does Andrea Mantegna utilize to adjust the distortion created by the point of view


In the Rubin vase illustration, the black shape can be seen alternately as a foreground object resembling a vase of as a background space between two white profiled faces. What is this relationship called?

figure-ground reversal

Although created for different purposes, Barbara Hepworth’s Two Figures and the African feast-making spoon share a similar trait. What is it?

they are both positive forms that contain negative space

A picture drawn in perspective that employs a single point of visions is

one-point perspective

Why is the stereoscope such an effective means of describing "real" space?

It mimics binocular vision

In architecture, the enclosing walls of a room create

foreshortening of space

Which theme connects Paul Strand’s Geometric Backyards, New York, and Julie Mahretu’s Berliner Platze?

order versus disorder

There is a contradiction in the appearance of Martin Puryear’s Self.

it is much lighter than it appears, because it is hollow

Which element of Janine Antoni’s Touch, if changed from its position in the original frame view, would break the illusion of flattened space?

figure-ground line

When and where was linear perspective for codified

during the Renaissance in Italy

Paul Strand’s Abstraction, Porch Shadows reflects a twentieth-century effort to challenge the viewer’s perspective with

patterns of light and dark

Artist Artemisia Gentilischi heightens the drama of Judith and Maidservant with the Head of Holofernes by using a technique that comes from an Italian word meaning "murky". This technique is called


The artist that painted La Chahut (the can-can) was interested in harmonizing complementary colors. The resulting process came to be known as


Mary Cassatt has manipulated light and color in In the Loge to emphasize the

division between male and female spaces

J.M.W. Turner uses two types of perspective in Rain,Steam,and Speed- The Great Western Railway. What are they?

atmospheric and one-point

Paul Colin’s Figure of a Woman, surely derived from the artist’s association with Josephine Bake, achieved the techniques of chiaroscuro by using

black and white crayon on beige paper

With atmospheric perspective, objects further from the viewer appear

cooler and less distinct

Ben Jones’ Black Face and Arm Unit uses color and line in the form of bands, ornaments, and scarifcations reminiscent of the facial decorations in

ancient african sculpture

How does Mary Cassatt assert a more active role for the woman in her painting In the Loge?

the woman’s face and hand enter the space of light used for the male zone

Michelangelo’s Head of a Satyr renders form through the use of

cross hatching

The author describes Chuck Close’s painting Stanley as "layered" pointillism because

it is made of thousands of little square paintings

One of the chief tools employed by artists of the Renaissance to show the effect of light is


color’s brightness or dullness is called its

intensity or saturation

On the color wheel, blues and greens are usually thought of as

cool colors

on Newton’s color wheel, colors that lie directly between secondary and primary are called

intermediate colors

The range of colors that an artist had preferred to use in a work is referred to as the


Artists sometimes choose to paint objects using colors that are not "true" to their optical or local colors. This is an example of the expressive use of

arbitrary color

the impressionists were concerned with rendering

perceptual color

Which medium did sculptor Dan Flavin employ to transform a room?

fluorescent lighting

at the end of the nineteenth century, which invention allowed color to be projected with increased brightness and clarity

the electric light

In the history of art, with what has the color black been associated?

Goethe associated black with the absence of good, but for African Americans, black is a color of pride

The background mountains in Leonardo’s Madonna of the Rocks provide a mediocre example of

atmospheric perspective

In the history of art, the association of good with light and evil with dark was first fully developed by

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

In the 1660’s who discovered that color is a direct function of light through a prism and observing the bands of spectrum of colors?

Isaac Newton

The temperature of Jane Hammond’s Fallen, with a color scheme of oranges, yellows, and reds, can be descrived as


what did Jane Hammond use to create Fallen?

digitally scanned and printed images of a leaf

what is yellow’s complementary color?


Hatching and cross-hatching are ways of turning line into


The artist that painted La Chahut (the can-can) was interested in harmonizing complementary colors. The resulting process came to be known as


The artist that painted La Chahut (the can-can) was interested in harmonizing complementary colors. The resulting process came to be known as


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