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The bronze head of an Akkadian ruler is a rare example of ________ in ancient art.


One of the many standard Greek pottery shapes is a krater and belongs to the period known as:

Late Geometric.

According to historians, the Roman era began in 510 B.C.E. with

the founding of the Roman Republic.

The Great Sphinx at Giza, in Egypt, has the body of a lion and the head of a(n):


Although bronze was the favored material for freestanding sculpture in Greece, most bronze statues have not survived because:

they were melted down to make weapons and other objects.

Although we know almost nothing about the culture that created them, the abstract ________ of the Cycladic culture appear extremely sophisticated for five-thousand-year-old works.

Female nude figures

The most notable example of Neolithic architecture in Europe is:

Stonehenge in England.

A true arch was developed by ________ architects long before the Romans came up with the idea.


The sculpture Akhenaten and His Family is an example of the ________ technique.

sunken relief

The mummy of Artemidoros, from Fayum, shows the influence of the ________ culture(s).

Egyptian, Greek, and Roman

King Tutankhamun’s tomb was discovered in 1922 by:

Howard Carter

Under the reign of ________, a new, more naturalistic style of Egyptian art developed.

Amenhotep IV

Because they lacked stone, the ancient Sumerians built their cities from:

sun-dried brick.

What destroyed the Roman colonies of Pompeii and Herculaneum in 79 C.E.?

The eruption of a volcano

All of the following cultures were Mesopotamian EXCEPT:

Assyrian, Sumerian, Babylonian, MINOAN, Akkadian

Romans could watch gladiators fight to the death, along with other sporting events, at the:


In Egyptian art, the convention of representing social importance by size—for example, where the pharaoh is shown much larger than his subjects—is known as:

hierarchical scale.

The portrait bust of __________ is presented in a naturalistic and elegant style that is timeless.


A prime example of art from the Hellenistic era is:

the Laocoön Group.

Three major cultures that preceded the Greeks in and around the Aegean Sea were the ________ cultures.

Cycladic, Minoan, and Mycenaean

The earliest-known writing system from which a recorded language developed was the invention of:

the Sumerians.

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