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As Eadweard Muybridge’s experiments with motion showed

what the human eye cannot see, created illusion of movement

Georges Méliès’s film A Trip to the Moon is known for being:

part of his magic show, moves time forward using multiple settings, repeated scenes, and cuts

D. W. Griffith’s film Birth of a Nation employed innovative techniques and was used as a propaganda tool by ________.

the KKK

One of the first popular films to use color imagery was

The Wizard of Oz

How are the locations in The Wizard of Oz distinguished

Kansas – B&W Land of Oz – Color -ruby slippers -yellow brick road -emerald city

One of the first popular films to use synchronized sound was

Stanley Donan & Gene Kelly’s Singin’ in the Rain

The director George Lucas created the Star Wars series of movies. Fantastical imagery was created in the studio using

-computer generated images -detailed models -digitally timed effects -super-realist paintings

Some common film genres discussed in this chapter are

-musicals -science fiction -romantic comedies -westerns -horror -documentary -experimental film

The dark and mysterious scenery of The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari was inspired by

German Expressionist forms

Nam June Paik’s ________ combines recognizable and distorted images made using a synthesizer to modulate video signals

Global Groove

The Web project called The Road Movie incorporates

interactive web project (website), GPS, print out and foldable digital origami bus

Artworks made using alternative media and processes

-performance: involves human body -conceptual: idea is more important -installation: created by assembling objects in specific location

An artwork that consists exclusively of drawings, designs, and plans would best be described as


An artwork that consists of a re-created bedroom with videos projected onto the walls would best be described as


Artworks made using alternative media are best accessed by ________ but often exist only in the form of

Composer John Cage hoped that his innovative performances would:

draw peoples attention to life around them

Vito Acconci is the artist who created

Following Piece, stalking

What unconventional material does Bruce Nauman use in The True Artist Helps the World by Revealing Mystic Truths (Window or Wall Sign


Yoko Ono often utilizes ________ to complete her artworks, such as Wish Tree.

poetic instructions

Mel Chin’s Fundred Dollar Bill Project is designed to

response to hurricane katrina, designed to neutralize hazardous lead that contaminates soil

In Mining the Museum Fred Wilson reorganized objects from the collection of the Maryland Historical Society, essentially taking on the role of a ________ in addition to that of an artist.


The division between art and craft began during this period

art: painting & sculpting craft: ceramics, weaving, embroidery

Clay that has a great deal of water mixed into it, making it very thin, is known


The process of rolling out clay into long rope-like strands has been used to make fine ceramic objects since prehistoric times. This method is called

coil method

The oldest pottery wheels we know of belonged to this ancient culture


Ceramic artwork from this Chinese era is highly regarded for its multiple glaze

Porcelain Flask with decoration?in blue underglaze

This twentieth-century American ceramist created large expressive works using the slab method of clay construction.

Peter Voulkos

The process of glassblowing was perfected in this ancient culture


The art of arranging colored glass into mosaic-like window forms is called

stained glass

This American artist uses glass to create dramatic and colorful interior installations, such as the one at the Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas

Dale Chihuly

The use of metal was extremely important in this period of human history.

Bronze Age

This Italian goldsmith created an elaborate salt cellar for King Francis I of France

Benvenuto Cellini

This particular medium uses threads, fabrics, and other textiles


The Dutch artist Tilleke Schwarz uses sewn thread to create her fiber art. This process is called


The process of using wood to create mosaic images, as used in the design by Francesco di Giorgio Martini to decorate a private studio for the Duke of Urbino around 1480, is called


<b>T/F</b> The earliest films featured elaborate sets and behind-the-scenes footage.


<b>T/F</b> If an artist wanted to make an object that was a simple shape and very durable, stoneware would be a good clay to use.


<b>T/F</b> The significance of the figures on the sumptuous gold Salt Cellar of Francis I has nothing to do with the function of the object.


<b>T/F</b> Textile art cannot express biographical or historical meaning.


<b>T/F</b> If an artist wanted to create an artwork sure to last for many thousands of years, wood would be a good material to use


ESSAY: Think about your favorite film. What genre is it? Do you think it is a typical example of that genre, or does it use new or unexpected approaches

Sound of music, musical, think it is a typical approach, dancing, singing, narrative

ESSAY: What kind of "mystic truths" might Bruce Nauman be referring to in The True Artist Helps the World By Revealing Mystic Truths (Window or Wall Sign)? How does his sculpture relate to these ideas?

might refer to reality. Meant to be funny or serious. Up to interpretation.

ESSAY: If you were to take a piece of clothing and turn it into an art object for display in a gallery, what item of clothing would you choose and why? Think about how you would display your craft object, and what you might do to enhance it visually or to give it symbolic meaning?

ESSAY: At what point can we consider a useful object a work of art? What separates a useful ceramic object, such as a cup or pitcher, from a piece of high art? Can they, even if they are created in some unique and original way, ever be considered a work of art?

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