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to define ideas, to plan for larger projects, to resolve design issues in preparatory sketches, to record their visual observations

Artist draw for many reasons, including

a cartoon

When Raphael was preparing to paint his fresco The School of Athens he did a large drawing called __________ to help place the design on the wall


Pencils have a range of values from very light to very dark. If you wanted a dark value, which of these pencil numbers would be the darkest?


In her self-portrait, the artist Ilka Gedo used pencil and varied the ______ in order to suggest texture, create emphasis, and to produce darker values.


Color pencil is much like graphite pencil, but the lead is made from pigment and _______.


This drawing medium utilizes a piece of silver wire set in a holder


When creating his silver point drawing Heads of the Virgin and Child, Raphael employed _______, a process in which the artist uses closely arranged parallel lines to create value.


Samples of this drawing medium have been dated back to 30,000 BCE.


Sticks of chalk, pastel, and crayon are all made by combining pigment with


Artists’ chalk is powered calcium carbonate combined with this binder


Artists’ crayon is made by mixing pigment with______


This red chalk was used by Renaissance artists, including Michealangelo in his Studies for the Libyan Sibyl


The French Impressionist Edgar Degas used this dry drawing medium when he created The Tub in 1886

Conte Crayon

The French artist Georges Seurat created a study for his huge painting La Grande using this waxy medium

Willem de Kooning

Erasers can be used by artist as drawing tools. In 1953 Robert Rauschenburg created a work by erasing a drawing by this famous Abstract Expressionist painter.

India Ink

This comtemporary version of carbon ink is a favorite of comic book artists.


Quills are a common tool for ink drawing. They were originally made from_____


East Asian artists have tradionally applied ink using a _____.

using different values of ink

An artist who is using brush and ink will often control the value of the ink by _____.


In the ink brush painting of bamboo by Wu Zhen, the work is created in a way that expresses the central beliefs of balanced opposites from this religion


The album of ink brush painting of bamboo by the Chinese artist Wu Zhen was created as an instructional model to help this person learn the art of brushwork


In addition to its fiber content and weight, paper is also classified by its surface texture. What is the type of paper that is created on a screen with a grid-like structure

contour drawing

This is the practice of drawing from a live model or other actual objects.


In the gestural drawing Muscalar Dynamism by Umberto Boccioni, the artist used chalk and charcoal to depict the undulating surface of ______


This type of drawing involves the use of long continuous lines to capture the changing surface and outline of an object

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