Art chapters 21-23

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An expanding middle class was brought on by what major 19th century revolution?

The industrial revolution

What museum was the first national art museum?

The Louvre in Paris

With which art movement was Eugène Delacroix associated?

Romantic style

What are typical themes, attitudes, and characteristics of Romantic art?

Revolve around drama, unblinded emotion, complex composition

Which artist was looked on as a champion of 19th century Realism?


What was the first art movement to be born in the 19th century? What was it a reaction to?

Realism, against neoclassicism and romanticism

Edouard Manet "borrowed" the composition of his painting Le Déjeuner sur l’herbe (Luncheon on the
Grass) from which artists? In what art time period did those artists work?

Titan and Raphael

How did Impressionism get its name?

after painting impression sunrise

What was the typical subject matter for the Impressionists?

scenes of leisure involving middle class

The spontaneity and directness of painting outdoors is evident in the work of artists in what 19th
century art movement?


What is the term for the group of a few artists who both accepted and rejected some of the aims of

post impressionism

What technique was developed by Seurat? How is this technique accomplished?

Pointillism a technique that uses dots of pure color next to each other

Which of the artists from this chapter were American artists?

1. Henry Ossawa Tanner 2. Thomas Eakins 3.Mary cassalt 4.George Caleb Bingham

How did Fauvism change the use of color in painting?

freed color from replication the real colors of the natural world

What statement was said to have been made to Henri Matisse by Gustave Moreau? What did he mean?

"you were born to simplify painting. to concentrate on one element of art, color

What minor event in Vasili Kandinsky’s life convinced him that art should be free of representational
subject matter?

Mistook an upside down painting of his for an unfamilar work

Paul Cézanne’s emphasis on structure in painting was a direct influence in the development of what
art movement that was explored by both Picasso and Braque?


Who created a new art form in which the artist makes nothing, but merely labels an object as art?
What did he call this art?

Duchamp called it ready made aided

What art movement was directly influenced by Sigmund Freud’s theories of the unconscious?


What is a Surrealist poetic object? What specific object (work of art) does the author use as an

An object, Lucheon in fur by oppenheim

After the Russian Revolution of 1917, many artists believed that only the most revolutionary art could
bring about a new movement. What movement did they begin?


Who designed a famous chrome-plated tubular steel armchair?

Breuer Bauhaus

The term New York School was used in reference to what group of artists?


What "action" is reference in the term action paintings?

actions of the painters

The author states that the Women paintings by Willem de Kooning have the power to do what?

to be disturbing

What two artists were given as examples of artists who work with assemblage?

Raushcenberg and Jones

What is assemblage? Who was the artist that called them "combine paintings? What did critics call
this trend?

art from found materials and images, "combine paintings"

Allan Kaprow took art in a new direction with what art form?


What decade is closely associated with Minimalism? With Pop art?


What was the source of Roy Lichtenstein’s imagery?

comic book

What is Photorealism?

explores photographic realism

What is Minimalism art about?

does not depict or represent anything other than what it is

What is "Installation" art?

provides and environment for the viewer to enter and experience

The artistic recycling of existing images is primarily associated with what art period?


Robert Smithson’s Spiral Jetty is an example of what type of art? What are the two names for this art?

land art/earth art

What is the primary concern of the Conceptual artist?

to engage with an idea

Sol LeWitt’s Wall Drawing #122 is an example of what type of art? Why?

conceptual art

What is the primary motivation for the Guerrilla Girls?

bring attention to gender inequality in the art world

The term postmodern was first used in reference to what type of art?


How does pluralism relate to post-modernism?

it can take many directions at the same time, all of them equally valid

With what movement is Anselm Kiefer associated? What was often the subject of his art?

most prominent neo-expressionists works directly with trauma of Germany’s past

Artist Jean-Michel Basquiat is know for what type of art?


What inspired Nermine Hammam’s Cairo Year One: Upekkha ?

Egyptian revolution

By what was Imran Qureshi’s work influenced?

traditional mughal miniture painting

To what aspect of Hinduism did Subodh Gupta refer in his work Dada?

yakshi sculptures

Which type of technology had a profound effect on Feng Mengbo’s Long March: Restart?

video games

In Fertile Land, who is the artist and what is his nationality?


. What subject does Damián Ortega’s Harvest explore?


Which global event inspired Thomas Demand’s Control Room?

the fukushima daiichi nuclear power plant meltdown

Which artist did the work Rosetta 2?

Jenny Saville

Which type of interior would artist Ernesto Neto most like to create a work for?

A cave

Where was Ernesto Neto’s Leviathan Thot temporary installed?

Paris Panteon

In Neto’s Leviathan Thot, to which other art does he compare his work, another art having gravity, grace,
balance, and interaction.


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