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Who painted The Glorification of Saint Ignatius for the Church of Sant’ Ignazio in Rome?

Fra Andrea Pozzo

Paintings that consist of three painted panels, such as The Annunciation [Mérode Altarpiece] by Robert Campin, are called?


Winslow Homer’s A Wall, Nassau was made using?

watercolor washes

Mummy Portrait of a Man was created using what medium?


With the technique of fresco secco, as illustrated in the Ajanta Buddhist caves, the artist?

applies the paint into fresh plaster making the painting very durable.

The Bodhisattva, painted with the technique of fresco secco, is remarkable because?

it is so well-preserved since it was painted in such a dry environment

Where is the focal point in Giotto’s Lamentation?

Jesus’ head

Antonio Lopez Garcia’s New Refrigerator may seem like odd subject matter for a painting, but it actually falls within a long line of which of these artistic traditions?


A traditional ground for tempera paintings, which consists of a mixture of glue and plaster of Paris or chalk, is?


The painting process that allows for a continuous blending of tones and hues on the painting surface is called?

oil painting.

Watercolor painting is such a spontaneous process that many people think of it as?

a tool for sketching

When an artist paints with a mixture of watercolor pigment and Chinese white chalk, the process is called?


Painter Helen Frankenthaler moved from staining her canvases with oil to using which painting medium?


Artists can create a sense of luminous materiality in oil painting by brushing thin films of transparent color onto the surface, a process called?


Oil paint is exception in that it allows the user to do all of the following except to?

work more quickly than in other media

Mixed media artists have achieved what important innovation in art?

the extension of a painting’s "space" from two dimensions to three

In European fresco painting from the early-Renaissance to the late Baroque, the goal of artists was to?

create the illusion of real space and realistic figures

Painting was largely considered a craft, lesser than other "arts" like poetry and music, until?

the Renaissance

Illusionism in fresco painting arguably reached its apogee in which work?

Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel ceiling

How did Xu Wei, with paintings like Grapes, change traditional Chinese watercolor painting?

He introduced a more free-form and expressive style

What is the main advantage of using oil paint over other paint media?

It dries slower allowing for more naturalistic development.

Which of these is not a component of painting?


What is the binder in "encaustic" painting?


What is the substance in paint that holds the particles of pigment together and often defines the characteristics of the various painting media?


Buon fresco painting can be described as?

working with pigment directly into fresh plaster

What is the chief advantage of acrylic paint over oil paint?

It is longer-lasting

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