Art Chapter 4

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The Starry Night, by Vincent van Gogh, indicates the power of the artist’s?

expressive line.

Pat Steir’s series The Drawing Lesson Part 1, Line # 1 is about various artists’?

unique expressive lines

Titian’s Assumption and Consecration of the Virgin demonstrates the power of?

lines of sight.

How is Sol LeWitt’s line best described in his work, Wall Drawing No. 681 C?


Hung Liu’s paintings, such as Three Fujins, rely on contrasts between two very
important elements?

carefully drawn structural lines and uncontrolled drip lines

The organization of visual elements in an artwork is called?

a composition.

Lines that create a sense of movement and direction are called?

implied lines.

In House, how does Jaune Quick-to-See Smith evoke the simplicity of traditional
Native American lifestyles that have disappeared?

simple black outlines and ironic messages

What cultural conventions did Robert Mapplethorpe challenge in his photographic
portrait of female bodybuilder, Lisa Lyon?

the traditional representation of the female nude

Hung Liu studied and taught to paint with a strict classical line that is associated with
the style of?

Russian Social Realism.

When a style of line becomes associated as an artist’s work, we say it is?


Cezanne’s The Basket of Apples is full of what appear to be "mistakes" but are actually?

artistic choices meant to engage the imagination of the viewer.

What is generally the preferred medium of Andy Goldsworthy?

natural materials found on-site

Which of these visual elements is most obvious in Andy Goldsworthy’s Hazel Leaves?


In Giacometti’s Man Pointing, our eye is directed down his right arm and past his pointed finger to some imagined point of interest beyond. This is an example of which formal element?

implied line

16. Line can be used to delineate edges of form in space, imply movement, and?

create value by hatching and cross-hatching

How can we describe Sol LeWitt’s use of line in Wall Drawing No. 681 C?


Jacques-Louis David’s The Death of Socrates is set up in a system of right angles on a grid structure. How does this affect the content of the piece?

it reiterates the rationality of Socrates’ actions

Which of these pieces illustrates the use of "expressive" line?

Van Gogh’s The Starry Night

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