Art History – chapter 7

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Which of the following describes the Temple of "Fortuna Virilis" (Temple of Portunus), Rome?


Which of the following is uniquely Greek in style and was imported to Rome in the first century BCE?

tholos style temples

Roman temple design during the Republican period reflected the colossal design of the Greek Hellenistic
style. This can be seen in which of the following temples?

Sanctuary of Fortuna Primigenia, Palestrina

Freed slaves often ordered portrait reliefs for their tombs. Which of the following is the best reason for this?

commemorate their status as Roman citizens

Which of the following structural materials allowed the architect of the Sanctuary of Fortuna Primigenia to
raise such a grand and eloquent expression of Roman power?


The Republican portraits are usually of older men. Which of the following explains the life-like veritism of
these portraits?

the tradition of the treasured household imagines

Which of the following was the first to break with tradition and use his portrait on Roman coinage?

Julius Caesar

Which of the following would be located in a forum and would house the law court for the city?


The Arch of Titus shows the military triumphs of Titus, returning after the successful conclusion of the Jewish
Wars in 70 CE. Which of the following was also included in the sculptural program for the Arch of Titus?

celebration of imperial virtues

Flavian portraits, unlike Republican portraits, showed people of all ages and both sexes. Which of the
following was one of the purposes of the portrait bust of the Flavian Woman (probably a Flavian princess)?

show idealized beauty

Which of the following would describe the "baroque" style of the 2nd century CE tomb nicknamed Al-
Khazneh, the Treasury, located at Petra?

studied disregard for classical rules

The Pantheon was one of the most influential designs in the history of architecture. It brought new meaning to
the concept of "architectural space." Which of the following descriptions characterize this influential work?

the design is based on the intersection of two circles

Which of the following best describes and distinguishes the "First Style" of Roman painting?


A large palace/fort was built at Split in Yugoslavia by _______________.


Which of the following best describes and distinguishes the "Fourth Style" of Roman painting?

Architectural Illusionism

Pompeian wall paintings of the Second Style are characterized by which of the following?

the wall seemingly opening up into an illusionistic landscape

Where would an oculus be found?

at the center of a dome

The Emperor Trajan commissioned which of the following?

the column depicting his victories

The most pronounced influence of Greek Classical art on Roman art could be seen in work done for which of
the following?

the Emperor Augustus

The Sanctuary of Fortuna Primigenia was characterized by which of the following?

monumental concrete barrel vaults

The reliefs on the Column of Trajan are not a reliable chronological account of the Dacian campaigns;
however, they do present an accurate record of the general character of the campaigns. Which of the
following also describes this narrative?

Dacians were depicted respectfully and their skills as warriors were acknowledged

Coffering was a useful architectural device in that it performed what function?

helped lighten the weight of a dome or arch

Which style of wall painting was least characteristic of Roman wall painting?

mathematical linear perspective

The palace at Tivoli was constructed for which of the following emperors?


Christianity was recognized as the official religion of Rome in the early fourth century CE by which of the


In contrast to a Greek temple, Roman temples usually were _______________.


Which famous Roman building included all of the following features: barrel vaults, groin vaults, and a central
dome over an eight-sided room.


The figures from the frieze of the Villa of Mysteries are thought to depict an initiation into which of the

cult of Dionysus

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