Art Chapter 18

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Islam came into being during the early part of the ____ century C.E.


The widespread influence of Persian architectural style can be found in

India’s Taj Mahal

What is the name of the holy book of Islam

the Qur’an

Muhammad’s emigration from Mecca to Medina is known as the


Which of the following became an important device for Islamic artists as a result of Islamic doctrine forbidding images of animate beings in religious contexts?

all of these; script, geometric patterns, and stylized plant forms

The most famous Nubian kingdom was ____ which lasted over 1,400 years


____ used to mark the entry to a reception hall in royal palaces, as adapted by Persian architects in the design of mosques

An iwan

_____ appear at funeral of important Igbo men of Nigeria


Because of its connection with the act of prayer, _____ became the most highly regarded art in the Islamic world


Bahrain Gur and the Princess in the Black Pavilion demonstrates that

illustrations of people are allowed in secular books in Islamic culture

Cultural exchange between Islam and Byzantium is exemplified by the _____ in the Great Mosque at Cordoba, Spain


A ram’s head was used as a symbol of a sun god in the cultures of both Egypt and


Much of the artwork from Africa is lost to us because

it was made of perishable material, such as wood

Which of the following cultures survives today?


The people of Kongo use containers called____to hold materials that aid in rituals for harnessing the powers of the dead


The minaret of the Kairouan Mosque in Tunisia was modeled on

a Roman lighthouse

Minkisi that are shaped like fierce hunters, believed by the people of the Kongo to seek out and punish wrongdoers, are called


One important aspect of ____ that gets "lost in translation" when viewed in a museum, is that they are created for use in ceremonies involving groups of people in motion

African masks

The Berbers were originally from


The smooth surfaces and D-shaped eyes are characteristics of works from the culture known as


______ are one of the most characteristic of Islamic architectural ornaments


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