Art Appreciation ( chapter 6 )

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In what way can a large-scale work be considered a "temporal" art form?

The spectator moves through time and space to view it.

Alexander Calder’s "mobiles", like Untitled, move when air currents move through them, making them?


Because Gianloenzo Bernini’s David tells a story-of David slaying Goliath- it is said to have a _______ sequence.


Claude Monet’s Water Lilies, Morning; Willows and Bridget Riley’s Drift No.are similar in that both,

Allude to the movements of water.

Some woks of art are created precisely to give us the illusion or sensation of movement. This style of art is called?

Op art.

Which is the most obvious difference between Bernini and Michelangelo’s David?

Bernini’s David is caught in the midst of the action.

What is the subject matter of Isidro Escamilla’s Virgin of Guadalupe?

It depicts the Virgin Mary at Tepayac.

Unlike a Renaissance paining, time-based media like, Teresa Hubbard’s and Alexander Birchler’s Detached Building can utilize the element of?


What was the inspiration for Grace Ndirutu’s Still Life: White Textiles?

An exhibition of work by Henri Matisse in 2005 in London.

William A. Garnett took photographs of American landscapes

From the window of an airplane he was piloting.

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