Art Appreciation Chapter 3

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The Starry Night, by Vincent van Gogh, indicates the power of the artist’s

expressive line

Pat Steir’s series The Drawing Lesson Part 1, Line # 1 is about various artists’

unique expressive lines

Titan’s assumption and Consecration of the Virgin demonstrates the power of:

Lines of sight

How is Sol LeWitt’s line best described in his work, Wall Drawing No. 681 C?


Hung Liu’s paintings, such as Three Fujins, rely on contrasts between two very important elements

carefully drawn structural lines and uncontrolled drip lines

The organization of visual elements in an artwork is called


Lines that create a sense of movement and direction are called

implied lines

One of the most fundamental elements of nature is


What cultural conventions did Robert Mapplethorpe challenge in his photographic portrait of female bodybuilder, Lisa Lyon?

the traditional representation of the female nude

Hung Liu studied and taught to paint with a strict classical line that is associated with the style of

Russian Social Realism.

When a style of line becomes associated as an artist’s work, we say it is


Cezanne’s The Basket of Apples is full of what appear to be "mistakes" but are actually

Artist choices meant to engage the imagination of the viewer

What type of line does Yoshimoto Nara indicate in his art work, Dead Flower, 1994


What type of line does Ellsworth Kelley use to imply the illusion of leaves occupying real space?

Contour Lines

Implied line can have several qualities, name some of the most important as stated in the chapter

Direction, line of sight, and movement

Lines can be used to delineate edges of form in space,imply movement and

Created value by hatching and cross hatching

How can we describe Sol LeWitt’s use of line in Wall Drawing No. 681 C?


Jacques-Louis David’s The Death of Socrates is set up in a system of right angles on a grid structure. How did this affect the content of the piece?

It reiterates the rationality of Socrates actions

Which pieces illustrates the use of "expressive" line ?

Van Gogh: starry night Matthew Ritchie: no sign of the world De la Croix:study fro the death of sarandupulus

Historically, many cultural assumptions have been made about line. For example, the concept of "analytic" or "logical" line is historically associated with that kind of art?

Classical Art

According to Sayre, how important is line for an artist?

One of the most fundamental elements

Matthew Ritchie’s No sign of the world is a multilayered drawing that makes use of many type of lines. What do you think he means when eh says, "often you’ll see figures being pierced by multiple fates that are sort of embedded in the lines. It’s like the lines in your destiny. Who would want a Straight line destiny? It’d be rotten right?

Open ended

Hung Liu’s Relic 12 juxtaposes an image of a Chinese Courtesan with the character for "female" and "Nu Wa" in a red box with the middle of the canvas. Who is Nu-Wa?

Chinese creation goddess, worshipped as the intermediary b/w men and women, given of children, and the inventor of marriage

Compare and Contrast the use of line in the works of Vincent Van Gogh and Sol LeWitt.

Van Gogh: expressive and emotional Sol LeWitt- precise,analytic, and mathematical

Define style of line used by Eugene Delacroix in his paintings and explain what it means or represents

Favors sweeping diagonal. Figures are shown with swirling curves

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