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All of these are correct

Van Gogh’s paintings are of high value because: his work had a major influence on subsequent artists. there are a limited number of his paintings. he plays a large role in Western art history. his paintings allow the viewer to feel a connection with the artist himself. All of these answers are correct.

The portrait was almost miraculously lifelike

According to the author, Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa dazzled his contemporaries because: the sitter was a wealthy woman. all of these were the case. he was a famous artist. None of these answers are correct. the portrait was almost miraculously lifelike.

Middle Ages

During the ________ the term "art" was used roughly in the same sense as "craft." 19th century Renaissance 20th century Baroque era Middle Ages

all of these answers are correct

The field of philosophy called aesthetics asks the question: Can we apply our concept of art to art of different cultures? What is art? Is there one correct standard for judging art? All of these answers are correct. Can we apply our concept of art to art of the past?

Claude Monet

Fisherman’s Cottage on the Cliffs at Varengeville was painted by: Pablo Picasso. Vincent van Gogh. Andy Warhol. Claude Monet. Leonardo da Vinci.

all of these are correct

What term describes work done by nonprofessionals? Folk art All of these answers are correct. Intuitive art Naïve art Outsider art


To discover why the sculptor of the Amida Nyorai depicted the subject with elongated earlobes, specific hand gestures, and a bun atop his head requires the use of: religious worship. enlightenment. mudras. iconography.

visual characteristics

The term style is used to categorize a work of art by its: visual characteristics. subject matter. social context. theme. None of these answers are correct.

both the artist and the audience

Our modern ideas about art carry with them ideas about: only the artist. the museum. the gallery. only the audience. both the artist and the audience.

were felt to provide pleasure

During the 18th century, beauty and art were discussed together because both: were felt to provide pleasure. were related to the senses. were studied by the upper class. involved vision. were schools of philosophy.


_______ is the name for a standard subject in Christian art, that of Mary, the mother of Jesus, holding her son after he was taken down from the cross. None of these answers are correct. Vanitas Pietà Portrait All of these are correct answers: Portrait, Pietà, and Vanitas.


If a work of art is faithful to our visual experience, its style is: representational. abstracted. stylized. iconographic.


When discussing the size, shape, material, color, and composition of a work of art, we are discussing its: theme. iconography. form. purpose. content.

painting, sculpture, and architecture

During the Renaissance in Western Europe, ________ came to be regarded as the more elevated of the arts. calligraphy, mosaic, and metal forging painting, sculpture, and architecture cabinetry, architecture, and calligraphy painting, cabinetry, and landscape gardening ceramics, weaving, and mosaic

They still debate the work’s iconography

After much study of the Arnolfini Double Portrait, experts agree that: the single candle is a sign of God’s presence. all of these are true: the single candle is a sign of God’s presence; the dog is a symbol of marital fidelity; and the red bed suggests a fertile marriage. they still debate the work’s iconography. the red bed suggests a fertile marriage. the dog is a symbol of marital fidelity.


What support was used in Francisco de Goya’s Saturn Devouring One of His Children? wall ceiling All of these answers are correct. canvas paper


Kara Walker’s A Subtlety is an example of a(n): painting. architecture. installation. trompe l’oeil. None of these answers are correct.

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