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Hokusai’s The Great Wave makes a statement about scale, in part because

a. the print is 86 inches in height
b. any black-and-white art causes scale to fell reduced.
c. everyone in Japan knows the scale of Mount Fuji.
d. All of the above.

c. everyone in Japan knows the scale of Mount Fuji.

Chartres Cathedral’s Rose Window best illustrates

a. asymmetrical balance.
b. asymmetry.
c. radial balance.
d. the canonical facade.

c. radial balance.

In Enguerrand Quarton’s Coronation of the Virgin, the artist has organized the design of the composition to emphasize the most important part of the composition, which is the

a. crucifix.
b. virgin.
c. crown.
d. landscape.

a. crucifix.

The Taj Mahal is a perfect example of

a. actual texture.
b. asymmetrical balance.
c. symmetry.
d. radial balance.

c. symmetry

Where is the focal point in the Baroque painting, Joseph the Carpenter by Georges de La Tour?

a. In the child’s (Jesus’s) face
b. Joseph’s left foot
c. Joseph’s right hand
d. The upper-left part of the composition

a. In the child’s (Jesus’s) face

Which of these pieces best illustrates the use of "variety" over "unity"?

a. Laylah Ali’s Untitled
b. Louise Lawler’s Pollock and Tureen
c. James Lavadour’s The Seven Valleys and the Five Valleys
d. August Rodin’s The Three Shades

c. James Lavadour’s The Seven Valleys and the Five Valleys

Where does the author say that the focal point in Larry Poon’s Orange Crush is?

a. in the exact center
b. on the extreme left edge, top to bottom
c. in the upper right hand corner
d. there is no focal point

d. there is no focal point

The Taj Mahal was built by Shah Jahan

a. for use as a mosque.
b. as a museum to house cultural objects of great value.
c. as a mausoleum for his favorite wife.
d. as a pilgrimage site.

c. as a mausoleum for his favorite wife.

Jan Vermeer’s Woman Holding a Balance is a perfect example of______________?

a. a symmetrical composition
b. variety over unity
c. rhythm and repetition
d. an asymmetrically balanced composition

d. an asymmetrically balanced composition

When an artist deliberately avoids emphasis, we say that the work is

a. radially balanced.
b. afocal.
c. postmodern.
d. multi-lateral.

b. afocal.

Leonardo da Vinci’s The Vitruvian Man embodies all of these dualistic relationships except

a. the earthly and heavenly worlds.
b. mind and matter.
c. the material and the transcendental.
d. the temporary and the eternal.

d. the temporary and the eternal.

In her painting, Still Life with Lobster, Anna Vallayer-Coster establishes emphasis through

a. the manipulation of light and color.
b. the use of scale.
c. the reliance on asymmetrical balance.
d. the strong subject matter.

a. the manipulation of light and color.

What was made famous by the ancient Greeks as a model of architectural proportion?

a. canon
b. Doryphorus
c. mathematical harmony
d. golden section

d. golden section or a. canon (Mixed answers from teacher).

When dealing with balance in a composition, an artist or designer is actually dealing with

a. actual weight.
b. visual weight.
c. proportion.
d. the balance between form and content.

b. visual weight.

What is a term that describes an artist’s attempt to drawn our eyes to one area of a composition?

a. absolute symmetry
b. bilateral symmetry
c. emphasis
d. proportion

c. emphasis

Repetition often implies monotony, yet it also creates a sense of

a. rhythm.
b. scale.
c. imbalance.
d. boring disruption.

a. rhythm.

When each side of a composition is exactly the same, it shows

a. asymmetrical balance.
b. absolute symmetry.
c. perfect proportion.
d. visual weight.

b. absolute symmetry.

The dimensions of an object, in relation to some constant, such as the human figure, are known as its

a. balance
b. scale
c. proportions
d. key

b. scale

Proportion is defined as

a. any solid that occupies a three-dimensional volume.
b. the comparative size of a thing in relation to another like thing.
c. the relationship between the parts to each other and the whole in a composition.
d. a flat two-dimensional area.

c. the relationship between the parts to each other and the whole in a composition.

Frank Gehry has been called a postmodern architect, primarily because

a. he uses architectural elements from different time periods.
b. his buildings were created "after modernism".
c. he purposely creates a sense of discontinuity by employing variety over unity.
d. he prioritizes unity over variety.

c. he purposely creates a sense of discontinuity by employing variety over unity.

What did Frank Gehry redesign in 1976 so that it deliberately lacked unity?

His own house.

What are the three different types of balance in artistic composition?

1. Symmetrical 2. Asymmetrical 3. Radial

According to your text, what is one of the most dominant images of symmetry in Western art?

The Crucifix by Enguerrand Quarton, Coronation of the Virgin

What term refers to the relationship between the parts of an object and the whole, or the relationship of an object to its surroundings?


Define the term design.

Design can be a verb or a noun. To design something, the process is to organize the formal elements that we have studied into a unified whole, a composition. Design is also a field of study and work within the arts, encompassing graphic, fashion, interior, industrial, and product design.

Discuss how Felix Gonzalez-Torres used scale in his work and explain what his intentions were.

To draw attention to the magnitude of global socio political crisis. His "Untitled", was enormous in scale was designed to suggest the enormity of the AIDS epidemic, not only in the numbers of people affected by it, but also the personal and private cost that it had inflicted on both the city’s gay community and it’s heterosexual population.

Use examples from the chapter to define the term postmodernism. Include a discussion of Robert Venturi and the Las Vegas Strip.

* Disjunction, the sense that the parts can never form a unified whole. * Frank Gehry’s Rasin building in Prague, Czeh Republic. * The strip declares that anything can be put next to anything else.

Choose one artwork from this chapter and describe how that artist has used principles of design.

Leonardo da Vinci’s Study of Human Proportion: The Vitruvian Man- it embodies all of the principles of design ; qualities of balance, emphasis, proportion and scale, rhythm and repetition, and unity and variety.

In the painting Las Meninas, explain how Diego Velazquez establishes more than one focal point.

With competing points of emphasis. The focal point of the composition is the young princess, who is emphasized by her proportion in the center of the painting, and by the implied lines created by the gazes of the two maids of honor who bracket her. But, the figures outside this central group, that of the dwarf on the right, who is also a maid of honor, and the painter on the left, they are gazing away from the princess. The focal point of their attention lies outside the picture plane.

Choose one artwork from this chapter and describe how that artist has used the principles of design.

Frank Gehry and Vlado Milunic, The Raisin Building, also known as The Dancing House, used many of the traditional principles of design- rhythm and repetition; balance; scale and proportion; and unity and variety. Balance- they will not meant to blend into a harmonious, unified whole. Rather, it was variety-and change- that most interested them.

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