Art Appreciation Unit 4 Review

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The glassy finished surface applied to a ceramic object is called ________.

A glaze

Yoko Ono often utilizes ________ to complete her artworks, such as Wish Tree.

poetic instructions

The essence of visual communication design is the use of ________ to communicate information and ideas.


Our word ceramic comes from this Greek word.

Keramos or pottery

What is the process that a ceramist uses to knead and remove pockets of air from the wet clay?


What is the name of the oven used to fire clay objects so that they become ceramics?


These handwritten, illustrated books were created during the Middle Ages.

Illuminated Manuscripts

The division between art and craft began during this period.


An artwork that consists of cutting off someone’s tie and pouring shampoo on his head would best be described as ________.

Performance Art

Egyptian picture symbols are called ________.


Videos designed to be art are often made to be presented ________.

– On TV – In galleries or art events – In transformed space – Projected on walls

Who was the German inventor of the printing press and movable type?

Johannes Gutenberg

What unconventional material does Jean Tinguely use in Homage to New York?

Mechanized junk

What is it called when a photographer chooses to make a photograph look candid and spontaneous?

snapshot aesthetics

When did it become common for photographs to be collected in major fine arts museums?

1950’s or 1980’s

The Ford Motor Company created a logo from this handwriting style, which was practiced in nineteenth-century America.

Spencerian script

Ed Kienholz’s The Beanery includes sculptural replicas of ________.

Bar Inhibition

Mies Van der Rohe, who was Head of the Bauhaus, is often remembered for saying:

Less is more

The nineteenth-century artists Edward Burne-Jones and William Morris created a handcrafted version of this writer’s works as a rejection of rampant industrialization.


The process of using wood to create mosaic images, as used in the design by Francesco di Giorgio Martini to decorate a private studio for the Duke of Urbino around 1480, is called ________.


This is the art of organizing type, logos, and illustrations in traditional print media:

layout design

The difference between film and video is:

D. W. Griffith’s film Birth of a Nation employed innovative techniques and was used as a propaganda tool by ________.


The primary colors that make up the basis for commercial printing are ________.

Cyan, magenta, yellow

This craft medium uses threads, fabrics, and other textiles.


One of the first popular films to use color imagery was ________.

The Wizard of Oz

This medium has made it possible for designers to make their page design "come alive" by allowing interactivity through hyperlinks.

world wide web

This American artist uses glass to create dramatic and colorful interior installations, such as the one at the Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas.

dale chihuly, fiori di comò

Stained glass was integral to the development of this medieval French architectural style.


What does the word "photograph" mean?

writing with light

The process of glassblowing was perfected in this ancient culture.


An artwork that consists exclusively of drawings, designs, and plans would best be described as ________.


Using a sequence of specially generated drawings to create scenes in a movie is called ________.

cel animation

Glass was probably first used by this ancient culture.


This twentieth-century American ceramist created large expressive works using the slab method of clay construction.

Peter Voulkos

The name of the opening that lets light into any camera is called ________.

the aperture

________ films often include innovative technology, unexpected subject matter, and/or manipulated images.


Daguerreotypes are made on ________.

Polished metal plates

A piece of thrown pottery is created using this potter’s tool.


A major benefit of the calotype process is that ________.

Calotypes are negatives that can be easily reproduced

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