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What did Mark Lehner and his crew learn during their experiment with the Great Pyramids of Egypt?

that the pyramids were built as a result of generations of practice and experience

What is lapis lazuli?

a semiprecious stone that has a vibrant blue color

Ziggurats were made of what material?


Where is the Precita Valley Vision mural located

San Francisco, California

In order for The Gates to be made, ________, amongst others, had to get involved.

artists, engineers, politicians, and security guards

This building material is a mixture of cement and ground stone


Architects consider this when designing a building.

all of these answers

The Center for Maximum Potential Building Systems, co-directed by the architects Vittori and Fisk since 1991, was created to make buildings more ______

environmentally friendly

What was the medium of Tilted Arc?

Cor-ten steel

Ordinary Athenians are shown ________ on the Parthenon frieze.

participating in the Panathenaic Festival

Some common film genres discussed in this chapter are

all of the other answers

One of the first popular films to use synchronized sound was

singing in the rain

Composer John Cage’s Theater Piece No. 1 is influential because of:

the performance itself and discussions of it

How are the locations in The Wizard of Oz distinguished

Kansas is shown in black and white and the Land of Oz is in color

Amongst the innovative aspects of Orson Welles’s Citizen Kane are:

all of the other answers

An artwork that consists exclusively of drawings, designs, and plans would best be described as ________.

conceptual art

D. W. Griffith’s film Birth of a Nation employed innovative techniques and was used as a propaganda tool by ________.


Claes Oldenburg’s The Store includes sculptural replicas of ________.


Using puppets, dolls, or models to create scenes in a movie is called ________.

stop-cell animiation

Vito Acconci is the artist who created ________.

folllowing piece

How does Georges Braque’s Houses at L’Estaque relate to the scene it represents?

it is an abstraction based on nature

John Heartfield, the artist of Have No Fear, He’s a Vegetarian, ________.

had to flee Germany to escape arrest and persecution

Georges Braque’s Houses at L’Estaque is part of which movement?


Matisse made Icarus ________.

near the end of his career, when he was confined to a wheelchair

Conceptual art emphasizes ________.

the ideas behind the artwork over its realization

Which of the following statements best relates to Max Ernst’s Surrealism and Painting?

it can be liberating when the imagination wanders in the mysterious realm of creativity

In his Untitled (1949), Mark Rothko wanted to emphasize ________.

a deep, almost religious experience

Matthew Barney explains that the complexity in his Cremaster series relates to ________.

his own wandering interests

Design features of the Portland Public Services Building include:


The date of Willem de Kooning’s painting Woman I is?

1950-2 CE

What does the text accompanying the image of the woman in You’re Fine indicate?

that the woman is lying down for a medical inspection

Which of the following is emphasized in Lewis Wickes Hine’s Power House Mechanic Working on Steam Pump?

the muscular male physique as a complement to the power of industrial machines

When was VB35 created?


Which of the following artistic tendencies and formal concerns did the artist of Recumbent Figure incorporate into his sculpture?


Who is the artist of Loving Care?

Janine Antoni

How are the dual genders of the Hermaphrodite with a Dog made visible?

one side of the body is clean shaven while the other is hairy

What is so revolutionary about Walking Man?

the artist presented a rough representation of a figure as a finished sculpture

What is the medium of Yasumasa Morimura’s Portrait (Futago)?

color photograph

Menkaure and His Wife, Queen Khamerernebty was made by sculptors from which culture?


what is a twentieth century art movement that favored a new perspective emphasizing geometric forms


a late 20th century style of architecture playfully adopting features of earlier styles


to make a pile

load bearing construction

compare typography to technology

typ: native tech: not native

what is the end goal of architechture

a large and safe space

When stresses pull, they create ____, which lengthens and stretches the materials of the building


When stresses push, they create ____, which can squash and shorten the same materials


what is an examle of a load bearing construction


to create a span, or a distance between two supports in a structure

post and lintel construction

the ___ rests on top of two posts


perfected the rounded arch


is a ceiling based on the structural principles?of the arch


gothic innovations

flying buttress, pointed arch. stained glass window

is like an arch rotated 360 degrees on its vertical axis


are vertical and can hold more weight

pointed arch

used for stain glass to be on

flying buttresses

curved, triangular like that dome sits on


what is common in churches

barrell vault

important in contemporary architecture b/c available, affordble, and fast

wooden architechture

can be cast in a mold to almost any shape

molten iron;cast iron

describe the crystal palace

The walls and roof were of glass supported by the skeletal cast-iron structure and glass; made by Joseph Paxton; 1/3 miles long but destroyed in fire

why was lumbar beneficial to use?

it was cheap and affordable

a material made from iron and a small quantity?of carbon

steel frame construction

who was louis sullivan

made the wainwright building which was the first skyscrapper and is known for "form follows function"

used as a way of avoiding the hard right-angled edges of buildings made from blocks or bricks

reinforced concrete

is a mixture of cement and ground


the use of either a fibrous material or steel rods called


defined as a group that shares a commonality


Site was in use hundreds of years before stones were imported


106 feet in diameter
Stones up to 20 feet tall
Each stone weighs as much as 50 tons


Believed to be a large calendar or observatory
Marker of the summer solstice


Celebrates the idea of community


Built by the Sumerians for ceremonial and civic use; Dedicted to the god of the moon: Nanna


Only priests were allowed on the uppermost tier
of ____


focus of converstaion is on the artist use of materials


focus of conversation is on voice of inidiviual using materials

post modernism

example of post modernism

music that tells a story like country

This ritual procession honored the patron saint of the city: the goddess Athena

panathenic festival

buildings and monuments are designed to dominate their environment

manmade monuments

mesopotamian stepped tower roughly pyramid-shaped that diminishes in size toward a platform summit


example of a man made mountain


a type of steel that forms a coating of rust that protests it from the weather and further corrosion

cor-ten steel

a paitning executed directly on a wall


Small storefront movie theaters


A Trip to the Moon was what?

movie by George Méliès where astronomers launch themselves from a cannon and crash into the moon’s right eye. He invented Animation

Birth of a Nation was what?

movie by D. W. Griffith with lots of editing techniques and many scene transitionss and silent; kkk

Citizen Kane was what?

movie by Orson Welles thats considered one of most important films for it used revolutionary techniques such as Fabricated newspaper headlines and news reels Dramatic lighting Innovative editing Natural sound Elaborate sets

wizard of oz was what?

movie by victor fleming that used Black and white/color used to distinguish locales

Singin’ in the Rain was what

musical; synchronous sound

Creates the illusion of movement


Most common technique for making animated films

cel animation

start wars was what

moive that used special affect0s such as Super-realist paintings Detailed models Computer-generated images Digitally timed effects

Relatively inexpensive equipment


why use video over film?

its cheaper, easier to use, and can be experience on tv, broadcast, and more

related to beauty, art and taste


Performed in front of a live audience and Includes all kinds of actions, not just singing, dancing, etc.

performance art

what kind of art do you use your body

performance art

Ideas behind an artwork are the most important; Often requires the viewer to complete the piece

conceptual art

when the artist gets rid of the obj in favor of an idea

conceptual art

Choreographs an entire space, not just a single artwork

installation art

use of a space as art instead of an obj

installation art

what type of art was influece by john cage

performance art

Promotes ideas as artworks in and of themselves

conceptual art

Influenced by the Dada movement

conceptual art

a work involving the human body in front of an audience

performance art

a work in which the ideas are often as important as how it is made

conceptual art

an artwork created by the assmebling and arrangment of objects in a specfici location

installation art

anarchic anti-art and anti-war movement that reveled in absurdity and irrationality


describe the ?Venus of Urbino

Idealized body Exists for the viewer’s gaze originial/italian

describe Olympia

Not mythological or religious This woman is a prostitute Gazing out at the viewer in a confrontational manner Same composition Dog replaced by a cat Maidservant of African descent

describe the Portrait (Fugato)

Evokes the Classical nudes of Titian and Manet Uses digital technology

describe the painting "judith decapitatiating holofernes"

judith, a jewish woman, murdered drunken Holofernes with his own sword b/c he was an assyrian who punished jews

"Pair of Gèlèdé masqueraders wearing appliquéd cloth panels" is about what?

Femininity Motherhood Role of women in sustaining a community

describe the "Navajo medicine man in a healing ceremony"

Constructed as part of a prayer or ceremony Intentionally ephemeral Closely connected with nature Once finished, the ailing person sits in the center Absorbs the power of the deities and ancestors

Pioneers of Modernism:

Henri Matisse and Pablo Picasso

what was matisses main contribution

color and form

what was picassos main contribution

form and shape

who used the following
Expressive forms
Decorative style
Bold use of color


describe matisses painting joy of life

it was Not naturalistic A way to express emotions Bold rather than subdued lots of naked women

describe The Red Studio by matisse

its painted in intense red, makes it have a flat plane

Spanish artist
Left behind his academic training in representational art
Explored experimental approaches
Radical handling of form and shape


Worked with Picasso to develop Cubism

georges baroque

Emphasized geometry instead of illusionism


describe picassos Les Demoiselles d’Avignon

experments with female body; Although abstracted, the figures are still recognizable as people

describe baroques Houses at L’Estaque

its an early cubist painting with houses and trees that is abstract but you can still see the trees and houses

describe Pablo Picasso, ?Glass and Bottle of Suze?

its a later phase of cubism and is a collage; contains an actual bottle label and newpaper clips

explored ways of portraying emotions to their fullest intensity


Vasily Kandinsky, ?Improvisation #30 expressionist or cubist?

expression;Inspired by talk of war in 1913 Reflects turmoil of the time, but not a specific event

Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, Street Berlin expressionist or cubist?


Pablo Picasso, ?Glass and Bottle of Suze expressionist or cubist?


Georges Braque, Houses at L’Estaque expressionist or cubist?


Pablo Picasso, ?Les Demoiselles d’Avignon expressionist or cubist?


Reaction to World War I
Protested "rational" thought that had led to war


Opposed rationality and convention


aimed to challenge the idea of objective reality


what was Giorgio De Chirico, The Melancholy and Mystery of the Street


what was Joan Miró, Object


Some movements influenced by Cubism:

Futurism Abstraction Suprematism De Stijl

Celebrated dynamic movement, progress, and modern technology


what was Umberto Boccioni, ?Unique Forms of Continuity in Space

futurism; Figure forcefully striding

whats Marcel Duchamp, ?Nude Descending a Staircase, No. 2

Combines Cubism’s geometry with Futurism’s emphasis on movement

His technique "action painting" elevated the importance of the process of making art
Used sticks as well as brushes to drip and pour paint onto the canvas

jackson polluck

whats jackson pollucks famous paintng

nonobjective mural thats supposed to be relgiious but many dont

___ helps not offend anyone

nonobj art

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