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When a printmaker rolls ink onto a raised surface and presses a piece of paper onto it, the resulting image on the paper is known as ________.

an impression

The earliest existing printed artworks on paper were created in this culture.


This type of printmaking is done by carving away part of a block in order to leave a raised surface that can be inked and printed.


A relief print created out of a solid wood block is called ________.

a woodcut

For his print Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, Albrecht Dürer hired expert craftsmen to ________.

create the block and cut the lines into it

During the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries there were many masters of woodblock printing in this country, whose work reflected the lifestyle of an urban cultural class


This style of printmaking means "pictures of the floating world" and was practiced by the Japanese artist Kitagawa Utamaro.


This term for plate printmaking means "cut into" in Italian.


This intaglio printing process involves carefully and cleanly scoring a metal plate


One advantage of using a metal plate over a woodblock for printmaking is that it ________.

is longer lasting

This intaglio process is achieved by pulling a burin across the surface of a metal plate, leaving a burr where the ink will collect.


This intaglio process employs acid to mar the surface of a metal plate.


This intaglio process makes an image that resembles the effect created by water-based media, and uses melted rosin to create an acid-resistant coating


The wash-like appearance of Goya’s print Giant was created using this process


If an artist wanted to create a print that visually resembled brush-and-ink painting, ________ would be a good method to use.


This intaglio process is achieved by roughening the entire metal plate surface with a rocking tool, then smoothing the areas where the ink is to be wiped away.


The African-American artist Dox Thrash wanted to use dark, rich tones to reflect the somber mood of the nation during World War II in this mezzotint from c.1941

Defense Worker

This type of printmaking does not require the artist to cut into a surface; the ink is suspended by other means to complete the print.


This printmaking process means "stone writing" in Greek.


This printmaking process is used for t-shirts, solar panels, and circuit boards


A group of prints that are identical and produced in a limited number is called ________.

an edition

If you were to carve away the surface of a woodblock, removing the shape of a star, then ink the block and make a print, you would be left with a negative star shape on the paper.


If an artist wants to create a print with very fine detail and precise, even lines, drypoint would be a good method to use.


If an artist wanted to create an image of a bright moon in the night sky using mezzotint, he or she should smooth the burrs on the surface of the plate for the area of the moon.


If you wanted to create a poster that displayed exactly the same information, and could be reproduced in thousands of copies, monoprint would be a good process to use


What does the word "photograph" mean?

writing with light

The mechanics of the camera are very similar to those of ________

a human eye

The name of the opening that lets light into any camera is called ________.

the aperture

When were the first successful photographs made using a camera?

early 1800s

Daguerreotypes are made on ________.

polished metal plates

A major benefit of the daguerreotype process is that ________.

it creates very detailed images

When she made the photograph called Migrant Mother, Dorothea Lange

first passed the pea-pickers’ camp, but decided to turn back to take pictures

Landscape photographs, such as those taken by Ansel Adams, help raise awareness about:

nature’s grandeur and the wilderness of the American West

One of the earliest surviving photographs is a still life by Daguerre featuring:

plaster casts, a framed picture, and a wine flask, by a window

The American photographer Edward Weston focused closely on the subject of his Pepper No. 30, making the viewer concentrate on the ________ and ________ of the vegetable.

form . . . texture

The photographer of Afghan Girl was able to locate the girl many years later using ________ as a means of identification.

iris-patterns from the original photograph

When did it become common for photographs to be collected in major fine arts museums?


Loretta Lux digitally manipulates such elements as ________ to create the effect she wants in her pictures.

scale color backgrounds proportion

What is it called when a photographer chooses to make a photograph look candid and spontaneous?

snapshot aesthetic

Hannah Höch was part of a movement known as ________.


Untitled—Passage on the Underground Railroad digitally combines

images from the past and present

The medium of Valley of the Shadow of Death is ________.

black-and-white photograph

Sally Mann’s 1989 photograph The New Mothers was made ________.

in black and white

Shining a light through a film negative reverses the tones so that multiple positive prints can be made.


The visual effect created by a camera obscura can occur in any room, whether it is light or dark.


Images in a camera obscura can be recorded mechanically or chemically.


The final step in developing a film in a darkroom is washing and drying the print.


Photographic portraits can never be poetic or introspective.


Photographer Lewis Wickes Hine went undercover in factories and mines to expose the injustices of child labor.


Garry Winogrand frequently posed his subjects and set up his shots beforehand.


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