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Many ancient Greek artists made artworks to honor ________.

their gods and dieties

The Greek pediment on the temple dedicated to the god Zeus at Olympia (4.2.1) depicts a scene
from ________.

the battle between the Lapiths and Centaurs

The deity at the center of the pediment on the Temple of Zeus at Olympia (4.2.1), who brings order
to the scene, is ________


The bronze doors of the Church of Saint Michael’s at Hildesheim, Germany were made under the
direction of ________.

Bishop Bernward

The doors of the Church of Saint Michael’s at Hildesheim, Germany, ________.

all of the other answers

The subject matter of Buddhist art consists of ________.

stories from Buddha’s life, teachings, and beliefs

When Buddha was born he sprang miraculously from the sea as a full-grown man


Spiritual ideas, such as the "ancient mother," can never be represented in recognizable imagery


How could you tell that a Senufo sculpture depicts a spirit figure rather than a human being?

. parts of their anatomy will be exaggerated

What is the medium of the Senufo mother-and-child figure (4.2.4)?


What was the purpose of the Senufo mother-and-child figure?

to be a guiding spirit for the guardians of religious and historical traditions

Navajo sand paintings are generally made to be passed down from generation to generation.


The materials used in Navajo sand paintings include:

pollen, corn, and powdered stones

A shaman is a person who

Acts as an intermediary between the invisible spirit wold and the physical realm of humans

Navajo sand paintings are made ________.

To heal an individual

The Stela of Naram-Sin shows ________.

an Akkadian king on a mountaintop being looked upon favorably by the gods

Eastern Orthodox icons, such as the Virgin of Vladimir, display similar visual characteristics,

all of the other answers

When was the Eastern Orthodox Church icon the Virgin of Vladimir made?

during the Middle Ages

Who is the artist of The Ecstasy of St. Teresa?

Gianlorenzo Bernini

The Ecstasy of St. Teresa was meant to show Teresa ________.

all of the other answers

Depictions of the Last Judgment were made by only one culture


In ancient Egypt, what is a book of the dead?

a collection of spells and incantations designed to help with navigating the afterlife

. In Hunefer’s Book of the Dead, how is his heart depicted?

all of the other answers

Who is the artist of the Last Judgment tympanum from the Cathedral of Saint-Lazare?


Why are the bodies of the damned in the Last Judgment tympanum from the Cathedral of
Saint-Lazare so graphically grotesque?

to give a strong warning to viewers that they should live a virtuous life

Who is the artist of the painting Woman Holding a Balance?

Johannes Vermeer

What is the woman doing in the painting Woman Holding a Balance?

holding scales as if she is weighing her jewelry

Why might the paintings at Lascaux be considered sacred?

all of the other answers

Where were the Roman catacombs located at the time they were built?

outside the city of Rome

Why were the Roman catacombs of sacred importance?

all of the other answers

Muqarnas are ________.

none of the other answers

Which religion specifically emphasizes the ways that natural elements, such as the sun, mountains,
water, and trees, are connected to well-being?


The site of Ise Jingu is located where?


Why is the building at Ise Jingu rebuilt every twenty years?

because nature is cyclical and the shrine, too, must be renewed and refreshed

Where is the Rothko Chapel located?

the United States

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