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The sculpture of the goddess Tlazolteotl giving birth to the maize god (4.3.1) was made by which


The goddess Tlazolteotl was responsible for ________.

life and death

Rineke Dijkstra’s series Mothers focuses on ________

depicting mothers with their newborn children

What is the medium of "Julie, Den Haag, The Netherlands, February 29, 1994"?

color photograph

Who is the artist of Dead Christ?

Andrea Mantegna

The painting called Dead Christ focuses the viewer’s attention on ________.

the immediacy of Christ’s body and the fact that he is no longer alive

Who is the artist of The Morgue (Gun Murder)?

Andres Serrano

The Morgue (Gun Murder) is shocking because:

as a society we no longer have a direct relationship with the dead

Bis pole sculptures were made by which culture?


Bis poles were made for what purpose?

all of the other answers

Who is the artist of I Am Your Grandma?

Jillian Mayer

For whom is the message contained in I Am Your Grandma intended?

the artist’s future unborn grandchild

The term "vanitas" in art includes references to ________.

the fleeting nature of life

Pieter Claesz made which of the following types of artworks?

realistic still life paintings

Trompe l’oeil techniques are used to make artworks look extremely realistic.


Pablo Picasso’s Girl before a Mirror can best be described as ________.

an abstract portrait

Pablo Picasso’s Girl before a Mirror relates to the theme of vanitas through which of the following

the woman looks in a mirror to contemplate her beauty, which will fade over time

Pablo Picasso’s painting Girl before a Mirror reflects his knowledge of ________.

all of the other answers

Lord Pacal was the ruler of which place?

the Maya city-state of Palenque

The sarcophagus lid from the tomb of Lord Pacal shows him ________.

marking the intersection of the earthly realm and the underworld

The eleventh-century bronze sculpture of Shiva Nataraja (4.3.11) was made in ________.


What is Shiva Nataraja responsible for doing?

all of the other answers

Where is the Japanese zen garden (4.3.12) located?

Ryoan-ji, Kyoto

Zen dry gardens are designed to be a microcosm of the larger earthly landscape.


How do practitioners cultivate mental calm in the Japanese zen garden?

by raking the gravel regularly

The Hopi of the southwestern United States are responsible for making which of the following

the kachina doll

The dolls associated with the nature spirits called kachinas have been used to ________.

help ensure prosperity and fertility for the community

The Aztec of central Mexico are responsible for making which of the following sculptures?

the vessel with a mask of Tlaloc

Tlaloc, a rain god, is identifiable in the clay vessel (4.3.14) because of the ________ used

color and symbols

Who is the artist of Fox in the Snow?

Gustave Courbet

How does Fox in the Snow relate to the cycle of life?

the fox is eating a rat, a reminder that one life sacrificed allows another to continue

Who is the artist of Abbey Among Oak Trees?

Caspar David Friedrich

Abbey Among Oak Trees emphasizes realism and reason over emotion and imagination


What message comes across in Abbey Among Oak Trees?

that nature will outlast human constructions

What is the medium and form of Patrick Dougherty’s Na Hale ‘Eo Waiawi?

saplings woven into various shapes

How do Patrick Dougherty’s sculptures relate to the cycle of life?

he transforms branches and twigs into artworks that extend the lifespan of a once-living material into the realm of art

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