Area of Triangles and Parallelograms

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If line segment AB measures approximately 8.6 units and is considered the base of parallelogram ABCD, what is the approximate corresponding height of the parallelogram? Round to the nearest tenth.

c. 4.8 units

A hole the size of a photograph is cut from a red piece of paper to use in a picture frame.

What is the area of the piece of red paper after the hole for the photograph has been cut?

D. 47 square units

What is the area of triangle GHJ?

B. 6 square units

What is the area of triangle QRS?

7 square units

What is the area of parallelogram ABCD?

13 square units

What is the area of triangle LMN?

B. 4 square units

Michael is finding the area of parallelogram ABCD. To do this, he follows the steps in the table.

Step 1

Draw a rectangle around parallelogram ABCD.
Step 2
Find the area of the rectangle.

Step 3 Find the area of the four right triangles created in the corners of the rectangle.
Step 4
Subtract the area of the right triangles from the area of the rectangle.

To solve the problem using these steps, what are the dimensions of the rectangle he should draw?

NOT A. 2 units by 4 units

Which expression can be used to find the area of triangle RST?

NOT D. (8 ∙ 4) – (5 – 6 – 8)

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