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Bryan’s parents give him anything he wants and do not expect anything from him. They tried to involve him in family chores, but he just ignored them. Bryan’s parents are using which of Diana Baurind’s parenting styles?


Research has shown that parents favoring one sibling over another is linked to
anger and rebellion in the less-favored sibling.
eating disorders in the less-favored sibling.
sadness and lower self-esteem in the less-favored sibling.
anxiety in the more-favored sibling.

Sadness and lower self-esteem in the less-favored sibling

The three types of stepfamilies are stepfather, stepmother, and
none of these.


Penny’s parents are still married but they have a high degree of marital conflict. According to research, Penny is more likely than her peers whose parents are happily married to
engage in self-injurious behaviors, like cutting.
develop emotional problems.
develop an eating disorder.
develop a conduct disorder.

Develop emotional problems

Which of the following is good advice for parents and emerging adult children who are considering living together?
Agree on conditions ahead of time.
Treat each other as adults.
Address any concerns that arise before hard feelings develop.
All of these are good advice.

All of these are good advice

Which of the following statements about conflict between adolescents and parents is TRUE?
Parent-adolescent conflict increases from early adolescence to late adolescence.
Recent research shows that Hall’s conception of adolescence as a time of "storm and stress" is probably true.
Parent-child conflict is stronger than parent-early adolescent conflict.
Conflict between parents and adolescents is highest in early adolescence.

Conflict between parents and adolescents is highest in early adolescence

What percentage of emerging adults studied whose parents divorced had emotional problems?
15 percent
20 percent
25 percent
30 percent

20 percent

Which of the following characteristics is involved in sibling relationships?
all of these

all of these

Indulgent parenting has been associated with _____ in adolescents.
social competence
lack of self-control

Lack of self-control

Adolescents whose parents are not involved with their lives and who do not monitor their activities in any way tend to
lack self-efficacy.
lack self-control.
be shy and withdrawn.
be socially competent.

Lack self-control

It is likely that what percentage of children born to married parents will experience their parents’ divorce?
20 percent
30 percent
40 percent
50 percent

40 percent

The ability to relinquish childlike dependencies on parents is called
familial independence.
financial autonomy.
emotional autonomy.
none of these.

Emotional autonomy

Chris gained custody of his three biological children after his divorce. After three years, he married Jennifer who had no children from her previous marriage. Chris and Jennifer’s new family is a
father-headed family.
complex family.
blended family.
stepmother family.

Stepmother family

Which of the following factors have researchers determined is important in influencing adolescents’ behavior?
peer influences
parental models of competency
school influences
all of these

all of these

Research has found that the result of authoritarian parenting is often adolescents who are
angry and hostile.
socially incompetent.

Socially incompetent

Ashley, age 17, lives with her biological mother and her mother’s lesbian partner, Daryl. According to researchers, Ashley is likely to
develop a heterosexual identity.
develop a bisexual identity.
suffer more mental health problems than her peers raised in heterosexual homes.
have fewer friends than her peers being raised in heterosexual homes.

develop a heterosexual identity

Kathy has one son, Mitchell. Six years after her divorce, Kathy marries Dan. Dan has never been married before and has no children. Kathy, Mitchell, and Dan make up what kind of family?


Marcia and John’s 25-year-old daughter, Serena, moves back in with them after graduate school. She cannot find a job in her field and works part-time as a waitress while searching for jobs. If Marcia and John are like many parents whose emerging adult children move back home with them, they will
experience a disequilibrium in the family.
have few or no complaints about Serena moving back home.
try to avoid interaction with Serena and just continue their life as before.
overcompensate for Serena’s lack of financial independence by pampering her.

Experience a disequilibrium in the family

Adolescents and emerging adults from divorced families are more likely than those whose parents did not divorce to do which of the following?
have academic problems
show acting-out behavior and delinquency
experience anxiety and depression
all of these

all of these

Which of the following teens is most likely to run away from home?
Ali, who wants to be with her boyfriend, but is banned by her parents from seeing him.
Jeff, whose parents are heroin addicts and often have no food in the house.
Jeremy, whose parents fight constantly, to the point that he feels like he is living in a "war zone."
All of these teens are likely to run away from home.

All of these teens are likely to run away from home

Adolescents are most likely to have conflict with their
romantic partners


The largest group of adolescents with gay and lesbian parents are likely those who
were adopted.
were conceived though artificial insemination.
were born in the context of heterosexual relationships of one of their parents.
are in foster care.

were born in the context of heterosexual relationships of one of their parents

Sherry and Jason have two children each from previous marriages. When they marry, they create a
co-parenting family.
blended family.
extended family.
kin-oriented family.

blended family

Greg, age 23, moves back home with his parents in order to save money to buy a house. If Greg and his parents are like many families that experience this "boomerang" phenomenon, Greg will complain that his parents
restrict his independence.
do too much for him.
are angry at him for moving back home.
none of these

restrict his independence

Eli has an insecure attachment to his parents. According to Joseph Allen and his colleagues, Eli’s attachment situation makes him more likely to experience
good peer relationships.
successful autonomy.
none of these.


A recent study revealed that adolescent girls with divorced parents were especially vulnerable to
dating violence.
anorexia nervosa.


Jonathan, age 16, has a secure attachment to his parents. According to Joseph Allen and his colleagues, Jonathan should have
a high capacity for intimacy.
a slightly higher risk for experimenting with alcohol than peers with different attachment styles.
fewer friends than his peers, because he spends more time with his parents.
high grades in school

a high capacity for intimacy

Michael’s parents never discuss their rules. If he asks for an explanation, they answer, "Because I said so; that’s all the explanation you need." Michael’s parents are using which style of parenting?


The most common pattern of parenting that was found in a study of parenting behaviors in 186 countries around the world was
warm and controlling.
restrictive and punitive.
permissive and indulgent.
permissive and neglectful.

warm and controlling

Heidi, age 23, is an emerging adult whose parents divorced when she was 12. Heidi admits that she has some emotional scarring from the divorce. According to Hetherington’s research, Heidi is likely to be
clinically depressed.
caring and empathetic to young adolescents from divorced families.
responsible and a good worker.
careful in making her decisions.

clinically depressed

Jeremy’s parents have divorced. If Jeremy’s situation is typical of many divorced families, he can expect that
his mother will have less money than when she was married.
his mother will have more money than when she was married, due to child support and alimony payments.
his standard of living will increase slightly.
none of these will happen.

his mother will have less money than when she was married

Delany’s parents are uninvolved in her life. She comes and goes as she pleases and she has the sense that she doesn’t matter very much to her parents. Delaney’s parents are using which of Diana Baumrind’s styles of parenting?


Don is an African American teen who lives in a low-income neighborhood with his parents. Don’s father works two jobs to provide for his family but he always has time to listen to Don, and their weekly "burger and bowling" night is something that they both enjoy. According to research, Don is more likely than his counterparts who do not have a close relationship with their fathers to
go to college.
stay out of jail.
have good mental health.
do all of these.

do all of these

Caitlin, age 17, wants to move out of her home and move in with her 20-year-old friend, Liza. Caitlin’s parents have gradually allowed her to have a car and a part-time job and to make her own decisions about her activities, but they forbid her to move out at this time. No matter how hard Caitlin pushes, her parents remain firm. This example illustrates
an authoritarian, controlling parenting style.
relinquishing control in areas where the adolescent can make mature decisions.
parental fear of the "empty nest."
alienation of family members.

relinquishing control in areas where the adolescent can make mature decisions

Maureen’s parents have clear, reasonable rules, which they communicate and enforce. They also are warm and nurturing towards Maureen and her siblings. Maureen’s parents are using which of Diana Baumrind’s styles of parenting?


Recent research found that vulnerable youth who participate in positive extracurricular activities in high school were more likely than non-participants to
enter the military.
enroll in college.
volunteer in their communities as adults.
do none of these.

enroll in college

Which of the following individuals has the highest risk of divorce?
Andrea, a 43-year-old lawyer who has been married for 12 years
Connie, a 19-year-old high school graduate who has been married for a year
Joel, a 26-year-old youth minister who has been married for two years
Harry, a 40-year-old physician whose parents divorced when he was 25 years old

Connie, a 19-year-old high school graduate who has been married for a year

Tyler and Andrew like to play basketball together and "hang out," but they really don’t know much about each other’s lives. This type of friendship is one primarily of
physical support.
social comparison.
ego support.


A recent study found that, for girls, achievement of their best friends is linked to the adolescent
being involved in a team sport in high school.
being involved in extracurricular activities in high school.
taking math courses in high school.
taking science courses in high school.

taking math courses in high school

There is increasing evidence that _____ plays an important role in the peer group and friendships.
socioeconomic status
sexual orientation


The average age of the initial same-sex activity for females is
10 to 14.
18 to 22.
14 to 18.
12 to 16

14 to 18

A high frequency of dating in middle adolescence has been linked to
substance abuse.
all of these.

all of these

The best predictor of whether rejected children engage in delinquent behavior or drop out of school later, during adolescence is
low rates of interactions with their peers.
aggression towards peers in junior high school.
aggression towards peers in elementary school.
use of alcohol in ninth grade.

aggression towards peer in elementary school

It is recommended that premarital education begin approximately _____ prior to the wedding.
two years
six months
three months
one month

six months

Which of the following factors is associated with cohabitation?
educational level
geographic location
socioeconomic status
career status

socioeconomic status

Janet dates Ryan primarily because he is popular and good-looking. Which of the following functions of dating does this fulfill for Janet?
mate selection


Girls’ friendships in adolescence are more likely than boys’ to focus on
shared activities.
ego support.


Alex is described as "shy" by his peers; he has a low rate of interaction with peers. Alex is likely to be classified as a(n) _____ child.


When parents impose strict rules on the dating behavior of their adolescent children, the adolescents frequently deal with this conflict by
dating without the knowledge of their parents.
having a teacher or coach talk to their parents about the norms of dating in the United States.
abiding by their parents’ rules but showing open hostility.
doing none of these.

dating without the knowledge of their parents

Researchers have found links between romantic relationships and
academic success.
adolescent friendships.
quality of sibling relationships.
socioeconomic status.

adolescent friendships

Travis, age 16, is friends with a group of young men ages 21 to 23. According to research, Travis is more likely than his counterparts with same-age friends to
engage in early sexual behavior.
be highly mature.
be employed.
have older sisters.

engage in early sexual behavior

Chronic loneliness has been linked to
impaired cognition.
impaired physical health.
poor grades.

impaired physical health

Individuals who are about the same age or maturity level are called


The type of love characterized by the desire to have another person near and to have a deep, caring affection for that person is called
filial love.
affectionate love.

affectionate love

Which of the following is NOT one of the six functions of friendship?
financial support
physical support
social comparison

financial support

Mrs. Brice has several adolescents in her class who are clearly regarded as "weird" by their peers. In order to change the attitude of the majority group toward these few students, Mrs. Brice implements a strategy in which
the whole class undergoes social-skills training.
the whole class works together on a common goal of organizing a food drive.
the outcast students are paired with sympathetic classmates in hopes of raising their popularity.
none of these happens

the whole class works together on a common goal of organizing a food drive

Lisa lives with her boyfriend, Jeff. According to recent research, Lisa is more at risk for _____ than her married counterparts.
partner violence
eating disorders

partner violence

Which of the basic social needs identified by Sullivan intensifies in early adolescence?
the need for a secure attachment
the need for playful companionship
the need for intimacy
the need for sexual relations

the need for intimacy

Providing a friend with amusement is a function of friendship called
ego support.
social comparison.


Shirlee and John are both widowed and they have found that they want to be with each other and to grow old together. They both say, "romance is for the young," and they are happy with their relationship. Shirlee and John share which type of love?


Being rejected or overlooked by peers can lead some adolescents to
become closer to their parents.
be vulnerable to cult recruiters.
feel lonely or hostile.
become closer to their siblings.

feel lonely or hostile

Most adolescent love is characterized by
affectionate love.
romantic love.
companionate love.

romantic love

Ali says that her peer group is very important to her. Which of the following things will Ali likely say her peers do for her?
provide a source of information about the world outside of the family
give her feedback about her abilities
serve as form of social comparison
all of these

all of these

Researchers have found a link between early dating and
adolescent pregnancy.
eating disorders.
none of these.

adolescent pregnancy

Matt is a 26-year-old single man. Although he has a great job, a nice apartment, and many friends, he is often
seen as lonely.
seen as having trouble settling down.
all of these may be true

all of these may be true

Rosemary encourages her friend Meredith to try harder in her biology class. Rosemary tells Meredith that she can get a good grade and offers to give her feedback on her reports. Which function of friendship is Rosemary providing for Meredith?
ego support
social comparison

ego support

The average age of initial same-sex activity for males is
11 to 13.
13 to 15.
15 to 17.
17 to 19.

13 to 15

James is actively disliked by his peers. He seems to have no idea how to enter a conversation with others; he frequently barges in and starts talking about an entirely different topic. Which of the following conglomerate strategies might assist James to be more accepted by his peers?
Offer comments about the interests of the peer group.
Listen quietly and slowly ease into a conversation.
Don’t try to change the dynamics of the group.
All of these strategies could help James.

All of these strategies could help James

Brenda listens carefully to her friends, controls her own negative emotions, and is self-confident. Brenda is most likely classified as a(n) _____ child.


Haley and Andrew, both age 12, are "going out." They eat lunch together every day, sit together on the bus, and meet at the weekly school dance. This early relationship helps them to
validate their attractiveness to the opposite sex.
learn how to interact romantically.
negotiate socializing in a later heterosexual group.
do all of these.

do all of these

Justin is extremely goal-oriented, optimistic, and driven. Carol Dweck would say that Justin has a
growth mindset.
fixed mindset.
performance mindset.
none of these.

Growth mindset

Which of the following is NOT a social context in career development?
socioeconomic status.
geographical location.
influences of parents.
influences of peers.

Geographical location

Which of the following statements regarding the artistic career-related personality type is TRUE?
Not many jobs match up with the artistic personality type.
Most artistic types have no problem finding a job that matches their personality, but these jobs pay poorly.
Artistic types like people and often use their free time to teach their particular skill to others.
None of these is true.

Not many jobs match up with the artistic personality type

Luke, age 15, wants to be an engineer. If Luke is like many high-school students
he will not be realistic about his ability to complete an engineering degree in college.
he will need help to choose the correct high-school courses that will position him to enter college with an engineering major.
he knows how to go through the college-admission process.
he knows what different careers he can have with a degree in engineering.

He will need help to choose the correct high-school courses that will position him to enter college with an engineering major

People with which career-personality type are likely to be happy in jobs in teaching, social work, and counseling?


One of the largest mentoring programs, which pairs volunteer mentors with at-risk youth, is
the Sweet Adelines.
Big Brothers Big Sisters.
the Shriners.
4-H Club.

Big Brothers Big Sisters

Jared wants to be an auto mechanic and to someday own his own shop. Where is Jared most likely to receive his education in automotive technology?
at a two-year college
at a vocational high school
at a four-year institution
on the job

A two-year college

Rewards and punishments are _____ in adolescents’ motivation.
extrinsic factors
cognitive factors
intrinsic factors
control tools

extrinsic factor

Mrs. Hynes meets with Devon to discuss his low grade in her class. Educational psychologists recommend getting adolescents to attribute their poor performance to internal factors. Which of the following statements by Devon would indicate to Mrs. Hynes that he has this concept?
"Your tests are almost impossible to pass."
"When you walk up and down the aisles while I am taking a test, you make me nervous."
"I am working too many hours at my job and I have not been putting in the time to study."
"My house is too noisy; I share a room with my younger brother and he is a jerk!"

"I am working too many hours at my job and I have not been putting in the time to study"

Jerry’s friends are aggressive towards other students, and they frequently disrupt classes with their behaviors. A recent study indicates that Jerry’s choice of friends is linked to
a higher likelihood of depression.
a lower likelihood of graduating from high school.
a higher likelihood of participating in extracurricular activities.
a lower likelihood of skipping school.

A lower likelihood of graduating from high school

Byron hears that his friend, Tim, got a 77 on his last health science test; Byron got a 91 on the same exam. Byron thinks, "I’m better at this health science material than Tim." Byron is engaging in
academic comparison.
peer appraisal.
hierarchy construction.
social comparison.

Social comparison

Claire is in a program where she is matched with a member of the community who can help her to develop her interest in nonprofit organizational management. Claire is in a(n) _____ mentoring program.


Otis is controlling and he can sometimes be mean. He says, "This is me; take it or leave it. I’m not able to change." According to Carol Dweck, Otis
has an antisocial personality disorder.
has a fixed mindset.
is expressing learned helplessness.
is not sufficiently motivated to change.

Has a fixed mindset

Marion, age 38, has a 2-year-old son. Since his birth, she has remained home, and she loves being a stay-at-home mother. She enjoyed all of the years that she was a successful advertising executive, but she has no plans to return to paid work until her son is in school. Marion’s choice is
not typical of today’s professional women; they are more apt to want to have a career and a family.
very typical of today’s professional women.
somewhat atypical; most women today try to work from home while they are raising their children.
atypical; most professional women have nannies to raise their children while they devote themselves to climbing the career ladder.

not typical of today’s professional women; they are more apt to want to have a career and a family

About what percentage of tenth-graders today combine school and part-time work?
35 percent
45 percent
60 percent
90 percent

90 percent

Adolescents with a performance orientation are focused on
skill development.


Simon tells his mother that he wants to have all of his homework done by dinnertime every day instead of waiting until after dinner to even get started. This is an example of
a proximal goal.
a distal goal.
an optimal goal.
none of these.

a proximal goal

Marina values nonconformity and sometimes has difficulty in social relationships. According to Holland, she probably scores highly in the _____ career-related personality type.


In a recent survey it was found that approximately what percentage of part-time college students were employed?
60 percent
70 percent
80 percent
90 percent

80 percent

Self-determination, curiosity, challenge, and effort are all _____ in adolescents’ motivation.
extrinsic factors
cognitive factors
intrinsic factors

intrinsic factors

Perceived causes of outcomes are known as


Which of the following statements regarding college students and work is TRUE?
As the number of hours of work increases, so does the likelihood of dropping out of school.
Most colleges try to reserve some sections of classes for working students to make scheduling easier for these students.
Most colleges restrict the number of hours that students can work and still remain in good standing.
All of these are true.

as the number of hours of work increases, so does the likelihood of dropping out of school

Elena, a college junior, has gradually been increasing her hours at her job. According to research, Elena may
develop a sleep disorder due to anxiety.
see a decrease in her grades.
have fewer financial concerns than her friends.
experience all of these.

see a decrease in her grades

Shelby’s parents devalue her choice of career. Shelby wants to become a cosmetologist. Her long-term goal is to own and manage her own day spa offering a range of services. Her parents want her to go to college and "become someone other than a glorified hairdresser." Research has shown that
Shelby will ignore her parents and pursue her dream.
Shelby may be influenced by her parents’ values and beliefs.
Shelby will probably change her mind and go to college to please her parents.
Shelby will do none of these.

Shelby may be influenced by her parents’ values and beliefs

The career-related personality type that is characterized by indifference to social relationships, troubled emotional situations, and aloofness is the _____ type.


Luz’s neighbor, Dr. Spire, is a professor of sociology at a community college. Dr. Spire takes Luz to class with her when Luz is on school vacation, and she encourages Luz to think about attending college. Luz has great respect for Dr. Spire, and Dr. Spire loves watching Luz grow more confident in her ability to go on to college. This is an example of
formal mentoring.
quasi-parental mentoring.
upward-mobility mentoring.
natural mentoring.

natural mentoring

Wes takes a career-personality test that says that he would be best suited for a career as a farmer, truck driver, or pilot. These careers match which of the career-related personality types identified by John Holland?


Mrs. Sands is a school counselor. When interviewed about what she likes LEAST about her job, research has shown that she is most likely to say,
"I have too many students to advise and not enough time in my day."
"School psychologists should be doing this job; I need to focus on students with mental health issues."
"Kids today don’t want my help; I have too much ‘down time’."
"My job is becoming obsolete; most school districts are contracting out to neighborhood career centers to help students choose their careers"

" I have too many students to advise and not enough time in my day"

Carol Dweck refers to the cognitive view that individuals develop for themselves as their


Claudia is a 23-year-old emerging adult. Her transition from school to work is most strongly influenced by her
geographic location.
level of education.
ethnic background.

level of education

Adolescents have improved self-efficacy and achievement when they set goals that are specific, proximal, and
easy to attain.


Rod’s science teacher has a list of objectives that must be met for the year but they can be met by completing many different types of assignments. The teacher allows the students to select the projects that interest them, and the students set their own goals and make their own plans to reach them. According to research, Rod is likely to
have higher achievement gains in science.
pick the easiest assignments even if some of the more difficult ones interest him more.
do a poor job on his assignments because he picked them rather than the teacher.
do none of these.

have higher achievement gains in science

Kayla, an honors student, received a C+ on her report on Pearl Harbor. She says that the teacher doesn’t like her because she is an atheist and her teacher is a very religious woman. She believes that she received a low grade because of this dislike. Kayla is making _____ about the cause of her low paper grade.
an external attribution
an internal attribution
a fictional finalism
a paranoid delusion

an external attribution

Research has shown that spending over 15 hours of time in paid labor while in school
is associated with developing a good work ethic.
helps students to learn time management and social skills.
exposes students to good adult mentors.
does none of these.

does none of these

Mr. Hegy plans his lessons to provide a framework for student learning, and he has positive expectations for all of his students. According to research, Mr. Hegy’s students are likely to be


In the United States an event that comes closest to culture-wide rite of passage is
high-school graduation.
getting a drivers license.
graduation from college.
high-school senior prom.

high-school graduation

Socioeconomic status (SES) refers to a grouping of people who are similar in all of the following characteristics EXCEPT


Which of the following countries is best described as collectivistic?


Researchers have found a negative association between the amount of time children watch TV and their
prosocial behaviors.
math ability.
empathy level.
reading ability.

reading ability

Which of the following results was found in a recent study of participants in online teen chat rooms?
Older participants (18 to 24) disclosed the most information.
Younger participants (10 to 13) disclosed the most about their identity.
Females discussed sex in an explicit way.
Males discussed sex in an implicit way.

Younger participants ( 10 to 13) disclosed the most about their identity

Mateo, age 15, does his homework while listening to his MP3 player; he also keeps his cell phone on his desk so that he can text his friends at the same time. Mateo is engaged in
competing media balancing.
media multitasking.
media overload.
none of these.

media multitasking

Despite the advances in technology, adolescents still need to develop non-technological skills, including
good communication skills.
the ability to solve problems.
the ability to think creatively.
all of these.

all of these

Ethnicity is based on all of the following EXCEPT


Polly, age 14, is a Protestant girl, who is preparing for confirmation. Her friend Joel, age 13, is a Jewish boy, preparing for his bar mitzvah. Both adolescents are getting ready for a religious
transition to full membership in their faith.
event that traditionally requires a large party and gifts.
rite of passage.
none of these

Rite of passage

Which of the following has become the most popular online hangout for college students?


The tendency to favor one’s own cultural group over other groups is known as


Kelani goes on to an online chat room to find people who share her interest in building a peace pagoda in her state. She is most likely communicating with
extended family members.
people from her local area.


Sheila, age 14, tells you that she has almost 200 friends in her online network. She is most likely a member of


After posting pictures of herself on Facebook drinking beer and smoking, Jocylyn, age 19, applies for a job in an upscale boutique. The manager does not hire Jocylyn, saying that her posting on Facebook indicated that she did not have the maturity that the shop manager considered necessary. Jocylyn should know that
it is illegal to discriminate against her on the basis on any pictures that she placed on Facebook.
more employers are checking online sites like MySpace and Facebook as part of a screening process for applicants.
colleges cannot use any information that they find on online sites such as Facebook to see if underage students are drinking or violating any college policies.
none of these is true.

more employers are checking online sites like MySpace and Facebook as part of a screening process for applicants.

Researchers have found that _____ is related to culture.


Reed comes from a low-SES background. He is consistently on the honor roll and has been offered a scholarship to a local college. Which of the following factors is MOST likely to have contributed to his success?
parental support and sacrifice
community block grants to improve his school
a mentor
a strong religious faith

Parental support and sacrifice

Recent research by Reed Larson and colleagues on adolescents’ use of time indicates that
U.S. adolescents may have too much unstructured time for optimal development.
U.S. adolescents need unstructured time to decrease their consistently high stress levels.
volunteer activities have no more relaxation value than unstructured time.
none of these are true.

U.S adolescents may have too much unstructured time for optimal development

Immigrants from different ethnicity have different
reasons for migrating.
socioeconomic backgrounds.
social and historical backgrounds.
all of these.

All of these

Television viewing and video game playing often peak during
middle childhood.
early adolescence.
middle adolescence.
late adolescence

Early adolescence

Ceremonies or rituals that mark an individual’s transition from one status to another are called
rites of maturity.
rites of passage.
initiation rites.
adulthood rites.

Rites of passage

Which of the following countries is best described as individualistic?
the Netherlands

The Netherlands

When Keith is asked why he does not participate in the monthly visits to nursing homes with his church’s youth group, he says, "I cannot stand old people; they have all wrinkles and other gross stuff!" This is an example of
cultural competence.


Researchers have found a high level of television viewing in youth is linked to a greater incidence of
Type 1 diabetes.
heart disease.


Compared to their peers with more economic advantages, poor children and adolescents experience all of the following EXCEPT
their homes are more crowded and noisy.
they watch more television and have less access to books and computers.
their homes are more violent and chaotic.
their parents monitor their school activities more closely.

their parents monitor their school activities more closely

Which of the following countries is NOT group-oriented?


Which ethnic group is seen as the "model minority"?
Cuban Americans
Japanese Americans
Mexican Americans
Filipino Americans

Japanese Americans

Many of the families that have immigrated to the United States in recent decades come from
decaying cultures.
collectivist cultures.
individualist cultures.
Communist cultures.

Collectivist cultures

Karen, age 26, and her 4-year-old daughter, Meghan, are involved in an antipoverty program that provides Karen with job-skills training and provides free preschool for Meghan. This is an example of a
parent-child educational initiative.
Head Start program.
two-generation intervention.
New Horizons program.

Two-generation intervention

Recent research has shown that in many families around the world today, children are likely to be reared
in a collectivist manner.
in an individualistic manner.
basically by themselves, with little parental guidance.
in manner that combines individualistic and collectivist ways.

in manner that combines individualistic and collectivist ways

Evaluation of two-generation interventions to alleviate poverty have shown that they
have more of an effect on the parent than on the child.
have more of an effect on the child than on the parent.
show more benefits in cognitive gains than health benefits.
do none of these.

Have more of an effect on the parent than on the child

Which of the following individuals would be classified as being in a low-SES occupation?
Joe, who is a janitor at a local high school
Andy, who sells tractors at a large farm supply store
Lexi, a preschool teacher
None of these

Joe who is a janitor at a local high school

Debbie and Ron are lower-SES parents. Which of the following is probably TRUE of their parenting?
They are concerned with developing their children’s delay of gratification.
They use more physical punishment when disciplining their children than higher-SES parents do.
They use an authoritative manner with their children.
They are concerned with developing their children’s initiative.

They use more physical punishment when disciplining their children than higher-SES parents do.

Jarislaw is a recent immigrant to the United States from Poland. He has a brother who came to the United States two years ago. Which of the following stressors is Jarislaw most likely to experience?
language barriers
religious persecution
all of these

language barriers

Dawn says of Asian Americans, "They are all so smart." This is an example of
recognition of homogeneity.
recognition of heterogeneity.
a stereotype.
accurate appraisal.

a sterotype

Older adolescents spend more time listening to music and _____ than younger adolescents do.
listening to the radio
playing video games
watching television
using computers

using computers

Jake, age 14, has a long history of setting small fires, torturing kittens, skipping school, and fighting with his peers. His parents have sought counseling for him, as they cannot control him and fear that his behavior is getting worse. Jake meets the criteria for a diagnosis of
antisocial personality disorder.
oppositional-defiant disorder.
conduct disorder.
sociopathic personality disorder.

Conduct disorder

Recent research indicates that the most effective treatment for adolescent girls with anorexia nervosa is
behavioral treatment.
antidepressant medication.
family therapy.
group counseling with other anorexics.

family therapy

MDMA is known on the street as:
Special K.


Hannah, age 22, suffers from an anxiety disorder that requires her to take anti-anxiety medication in order to function at her job and in her personal life. Hannah has which of the following problems?
an externalizing problem
an internalizing problem
a latent problem
an acute problem

an internalizing problem

Peers and _____ influences are believed to be especially important factors in adolescent problems.


Which approach emphasizes that biological, psychological, and social factors interact to produce the problems that adolescents, emerging adults, and people of other ages develop?
the multimodal approach
the multi-context approach
the comprehensive approach
the biopsychosocial approach

the biopsychosocial approach

Drugs that modify a person’s perceptual experiences and produce hallucinations are called


Carena has taken a drug that produces striking perceptual changes. Wherever she looks right now, she sees beautiful butterflies, objects glowing and changing shapes, and colors are rich and vibrant. It is most likely that Carena has taken


The four problems that affect the largest number of adolescents are sexual problems, juvenile delinquency, drug abuse, and
eating disorders.
self-injurious behaviors.
school-related problems.

school-related problems

Which of the following is the BEST way to treat depression in adolescence?
cognitive behavioral therapy
antidepressant medication
a combination of cognitive behavioral therapy and antidepressant medication
psychoanalytic therapy

a combination of cognitive behavioral therapy and antidepressant medication

Which of the following did the Pittsburg Youth Study identify as a pathway to delinquency?
authority conflict
negative identity
cognitive dissonance
egocentric bias

authority conflict

About what percentage of children who become obese have one obese parent?
20 percent
30 percent
40 percent
50 percent

40 percent

Which of the following is used most frequently on a daily basis by high school seniors?
energy drinks


Alcohol acts on the body as a
xanthene stimulant


Donatella has an eating disorder in which she consumes large amounts of food and then purges, making herself vomit to get rid of the calories. Donatella suffers from
anorexia nervosa.
bulimia nervosa.

bulimia nervosa

The active ingredient in marijuana and hashish is
Cannabis sativa.


The behavioral problems that most likely cause adolescents to be referred to a clinic for mental health treatment are
feelings of sadness or depression.
feelings of anxiety.
eating disorders.
self-injurious behaviors.

feelings of sadness or depression

The most commonly used drug by adolescents in the United States today is


Addictive drugs, such as heroin, that cause a feeling of euphoria and pain relief, are known as
designer drugs.


Shelley Taylor and her colleagues found which of the following gender differences related to stress?
Males and females tend to deal with stress in similar ways.
Females are less likely than males to deal with stress with a "fight or flight" response.
Males deal with stress and threatening situations with a "tend and befriend" approach.
Female aggression is linked to the limbic system.

Females are less likely than males to deal with stress with a "fight or flight" response

Which of the following are the easiest changes for school-based weight programs to create among students?
changes in nutrition and diet
changes in physical activity
changes in TV watching
changes in amount of time on the computer

Changes in TV watching

Criminal acts, whether committed by a juvenile or an adult, are known as
status offenses.
index offenses.
white-collar crimes.
none of these.

index offenses

Stephanie is using a drug that has caused her to have severe mood swings, paranoid jealousy, and uncontrollable bursts of anger. What class of drugs is Stephanie most likely using?
birth-control pills
anabolic steroids
anti-anxiety drugs
none of these

anabolic steroids

Kiptyn takes a drug that increases his heart rate, breathing rate, and temperature. He has a feeling of energy and elevated mood on this drug. Kiptyn is probably taking
a stimulant.
a hallucinogen.

a stimulant

Bonnie tells you that she takes a drug only when she goes "clubbing" with her friends. She says that it makes her feel euphoric and have heightened experiences with touch and sight. Bonnie is most likely taking


The focus of the Functional Family Therapy program is
improving and changing interactions among family members.
teaching parents how to effectively punish their children without physical force.
teaching parents to collaborate with police officers to "scare straight" their children.
none of these.

imporving and changing interactions among family members

Cigarette smoking peaks during
middle adolescence.
late adolescence.
emerging adulthood.
young adulthood.

emerging adulthood

The most frequently cited factor associated with suicide is
use of alcohol.


Being overweight in adolescence is linked to all of the following conditions EXCEPT
high blood pressure.
type 2 diabetes.
pulmonary problems.


Kathy’s parents use alcohol quite a bit. After they get home from work, they drink steadily all evening and, although she has never seen her parents drunk, they don’t spend much time interacting with each other or the children. According to research, Kathy is at risk for
drinking heavily herself.
social isolation.
becoming angry with her peers who drink.

drinking heavily herself

What differences exist between bulimics and anorexics?
Bulimics and anorexics have about a 70 percent recovery rate.
Both anorexics and bulimics are preoccupied with food.
Bulimics typically fall within a normal weight; anorexics are underweight.
Bulimics are likely to be depressed and anxious; anorexics are more likely to be angry and hostile.

Bulimics typically fall within a normal weight; anorexics are underweight.

Faye, age 17, has no appetite, no energy, and no interest in any of the activities that used to give her pleasure. In addition, she feels worthless and has problems concentrating and making any decisions. Faye has had these symptoms for a month. Faye is probably suffering from
dysphoric disorder.
bipolar disorder.
a major depressive disorder.
normal adolescent mood swings.

a major depressive disorder

Which of the following is NOT a symptom of major depression?
interest in activities that were not formally of any interest
loss of energy
increase in appetite
sleeping too much

interest in activities that were not formally of any interest

Research shows that adolescents who have more developmental assets engage in
more alcohol use.
more risk-taking behaviors.
less use of tobacco.
more violence.

less use of tobacco

Adolescents who use prescription narcotics to get high are most likely to obtain the drugs by
buying them on the street from drug dealers.
buying them at school from classmates who are selling their own medications.
stealing them from the medicine cabinets of their parents and their friends’ parents.
making up stories of being in pain to get prescriptions for the drugs from their doctors.

stealing them from the medicine cabinets of their parents and their friends’ parents.

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