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Adolescence is a time of rapid physical and psychological change in the body.


As teens move through adolescence, surrounding adults usually have higher expectations of them.


Girls are usually completely physically mature by the time they are __________ years old.

15 to 17

Which of the following are signs that a boy is going through puberty?

voice gets deeper and growth of facial hair

Middle adolescence is characterized by __________.

feelings of invincibility

Puberty in boys only consists of physical changes.


Which of the following are the primary hormones in girls during puberty?

estrogen and progesterone

Which of the following is NOT a physical change that girls go through during adolescence?

rapid brain development

For many teens, adolescence can be a __________ period characterized by __________.

difficult… change

Even through all the changes of adolescence, it’s very likely that your elementary school friends will be your adult friends.


Adolescence is the time between birth and the onset of puberty.


With the onset of puberty, boys and girls are apt to experience all of the following EXCEPT:

fewer growth spurts

The adolescent period can be divided into early, middle, and late periods.


Boys and girls experience different changes to their bodies during adolescence.


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